YMCA Triathlon for Kids

This year the homeschooling PE coordinators at the Y decided to do something different. Every spring the program ends with a picnic lunch. The two groups (Mon/Wed and Tues/Thurs) come together for a big potluck meal and games. Today, as one of the final class sessions, the children participated in a triathlon (or biathlon for the little ones whose feet couldn’t reach the bike pedals or big ones who didn’t bring their bathing suits).

ready to go

Got their numbers and ready to go!

Rachel didn’t do the swimming portion (conveniently forgot her bathing suit) but the boys all did. They proved to be great swimmers! I was so pleased to watch them swim confidentally. David was excited about the whole thing and out swam everyone in his group. Good job, Buddy!

joshua and david

Daniel’s been in swimming this year at PE and has found it rather stretching. They do a LOT of laps each class period. I remember how afraid he used to be of the water. Now, look at him swim.

daniel swims

While all of this excitement was going on, Sarah had her usual swimming and gymnastics classes (separate – wouldn’t want you to think she was combining those two).

sarah on the bars

The rest of the day was filled with school (big kids), a nap (mom), dinner (everyone), Special Day (Rachel and Tim), a movie (kids), and some garage cleaning (mom while kids watch movie).

Project 365 – Day 155

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4 thoughts on “YMCA Triathlon for Kids”

  1. WHEE. You are all so active. I greatly admire your style!! And I love you. AND I’LL SEE YOU SOON. Aunt Kate

  2. Sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I wish our local YMCA were more family friendly. It’s really become more of an adult place the last few years.. sadly, they even cancelled our synchro team this year.

  3. Cindy – I didn’t realize they canceled your synchro swim team this year. Why? Were the girls going to participate? Did they lose a coach at the Y? I’m surprised they would cancel such a lovely program. I guess the YMCAs really vary and differ according to region. I’d never heard of a homeschooling PE program until we came here to western WA. I love being able to avoid team sports (and the endless practices) and the children love making friends and being exposed to a variety of sports (in small doses). It’s a perfect combination of activities and time for us.

  4. Sure looks like you have a lot of homeschool opportunities in your area. It is sometimes hard to find things that all of our kids can do.

    Great job everyone!

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