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Violating all rules about blogging and photos, attracting and keeping readers, I’m posting a quick blog without any pictures. Gasp. Yes, this is a picture-less blog. Rats, I just lost half the crowd right there. Anyone left?

In the flurry of packing and organizing and corralling things and children for the trip home, I somehow left the cable for my camera in my parents’ kitchen. I can’t understand how I would leave something so precious and significant just sitting on the kitchen table. I packed everything else, I mean really, 11 suitcases??!! That’s a lot of packing.

I guess I did leave a few Matchbox cars, but I look at those as little treats for Mom and Dad to stumble over as they try to put the house back together. Sort of a reminder of our presence to comfort them in the quiet and still house.

Yes, I packed my laptop, portable dvd player, MP3 player, cell phone, camera plus all the various and sundry cables for charging and using and listening to all these electronic devices. Some of which that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

My goodness, it does beg the question of how we traveled when I was a child? No IPODs or dvd players or digital cameras or game boys. I think we read books and sang songs. Boy, times change. Although between our crew we did travel with close to 15 books, so times don’t change all that much. You still really need a good book (or 3) for a long trip. And don’t even get my kids started on a rousing version of, “Oh, You Can’t Get to Heaven!” That song alone can last for a LONG time. Probably the inventor of the personal headset had children who learned all the additional verses to that catchy tune.

Mom promises me she will mail the cable as soon as possible. Hurry, Mom! We’ll be sitting by the curb waiting for the package to arrive. :) Just kidding. Sort of.

My computer is old (I think we bought it in 2005 – I know, ancient) so it doesn’t have a digital camera card reader. I guess if I get desperate I can run over to Julee’s house and try hers or even go to Costco and access the pictures. But really, we don’t ever print our pictures, we just put them on the computer, blog them and enjoy the never-ending screensaver of all of our photos, so I wouldn’t even know what to do at Costco.

Thankfully Tim has stepped up the plate on this one. He pulled out his old digital camera (like really old, probably 4 years) and is using it to take pictures. He doesn’t want the Project 365 to suffer. Way to take up the cause, dear!

You caught me, I really could be posting pictures on this blog. We took tons of pictures today (on both cameras). Mainly I’m just too lazy (I mean tired) to get up and get them off Tim’s camera. Maybe tomorrow. We did go to a fun party with games and food and fireworks (basic 4th of July stuff), all of which totally deserve their time in the blogging picture world.

Perhaps you can see it as a compliment. I know you are mature enough to handle this blog without a single picture.

Hello? (echo, echo, echo).

It sure is quiet in here. Well, live and learn and grab the camera, I always say.


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10 thoughts on “No pictures”

  1. Just when you think you’ve seen it all …

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I logged in this morning and saw the title, ‘No Pictures’.

    “That’s just a teaser headline,” I assured myself. She would never post without a picture. Knowing that Kathy slurped all the pictures from the trip off the old blue laptop last night, I figured that she would just post a picture from last week (maybe of the exciting sand dune adventure) and hope that Carl wasn’t paying attention. (Carl watches us carefully and rats us out when we post pictures that don’t line up with the day we claim. It is good to be held accountable in this area, really. )

    Then I opened up the blog entry, scrolled past all the text, and saw that it was true. No pictures. Who knew?

    Fortunately they have a defibrillator in the lunch room here at work, and I was able to get my heart started again (unlike James Bond, I don’t need any sissy help for that kind of thing). We’ve come a long way from aspirin and band-aids in employee first-aid boxes. Just think of the health insurance dollars I saved!

    Kathy and I have had many long and rather strongly-worded discussions about the use of pictures in blogs. As one who tends toward pomposity, I prefer to blather on about whatever, and I add pictures only as necessary to satisfy the masses. Kathy feels (or so I thought) that pictures are the essence of blogs, and mostly adds discussion to visually separate and highlight the images. Imagine my surprise when I discover that she was merely posturing. Welcome to the dark side, Kathy. :)

  2. RATS!! You know I’m one of those visual people – I look at the pictures and then go back and read the blog… Alas, no sweet pictures of the nieces and nephews! How am I going to get Edgren fix today?????? (With all the luggage, I am suprised that you didn’t leave more behind…)

    WE WANT PICTURES!!! WE WANT PICTURES!!!! WE WANT PICTURES!!!! I, too, am eagerly awaiting your package with the usb cable in it…ha! (I love reading the blog anyways…..)

  3. Hi, I thought for sure that the title ‘no pictures’ was a joke!! I didn’t scroll on to check, just kept hoping!! But alas!!

    I know that Mamie is at the PO right now mailing the cord. So there WILL be more pictures in the future.

    Tim, watch out for that defibulator. Remember, that’s Uncle Jerry’s current case! Ha.

    I love you all. AK

  4. What? NO pictures? Ok….. you can see that I’m one of those that really does read every word. I even read it all in order taking the pictures as they come! Go figure. It’s ok to do something like this once in awhile. It keeps us all guessing what you’re going to come up with to blog about next.

  5. Kathy, you can get a very inexpensive SD card reader that goes right in your little ole’ USB port. Come on…no pictures…that is just not acceptable! LOL

  6. How interesting that you publish a “no pictures” blog just after I had posted a blog entry in which I sadly had no pictures to include. Originally all of my blog was text only, relying on vivid descriptions and word pictures which gave readers a chance to use their own imaginations to picture what I was describing. But after reading Kathy’s blog, I was inspired to always include photos with every entry. So this time I cheated and simply linked to photos on the Internet taken by someone else! After all, Kathy sets the blogging standards for the whole Internet and one of the rules is no blogs without pictures.

    So now I am checking into the detailed XML data for this non-standard entry to determine if it was indeed posted by Kathy, or by an imposter. The latter seems quite likely since Kathy really would have been too busy packing and coralling kiddos to have time to type all of this. I am currently cross-referencing the flight itinerary with the actual posting date/time of this entry. I have already discovered a possible discrepancy that could jeapoardize the authenticity of this blog. I’ll keep you posted.

  7. Ginger – and I literally JUST read your SHS note about how you love photos in the blogs you read. Sigh. It’s hard keeping up. :)

  8. Posie – and just think what we used to do without blogs and digital cameras? I shudder to think. Are you blogging these days??

  9. Great. If I get a new computer, I’ll have to figure out how to move my card from my camera to my computer? I’m having enough troubles with my GPS. I’ve grown rather attached to my USB, it’s rather UMBILICAL . . .

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