Lakeside Visit

Obscure movie quote: “Seattle? It rains nine months a year in Seattle.”

Not today! Not yesterday. Tomorrow? Showers are likely. Sigh. What’s a girl to do in the pacific Northwest on a sunny day but head out in the sun. I have a wonderful friend who generously opens up her home on the lake. Hearing it was going to be warm today, she kindly invited several families over for a swim. The begging, bribing, and pleading worked and we managed to score an invitation as well.

The kids swam, ate snacks, swam, devoured more snacks, and swam some more. Swim, eat, dunk repeat.

The sunshine and fellowship time was just what I needed.

watermelon snack time

The children gathered around a big bowl of grapes and a platter of watermelon.

After the fruit and another swim, the kids moved on to a ‘sweeter’ treat. Michelle brought out a large box of fudgesicles and chocolate covered ice cream cones. How to choose??

group of kiddos

I’ll take one of each, please!

Joshua had to rough it for a good part of the visit as the only boy over the age of 10. Finally another friend came by and Joshua was pulled out of his reverie (and into the water – those boys are fierce).

joshua waits patiently for Jacob to arrive

It’s hard to be the oldest boy among a crowd of youngsters.

Thank you, Nancy!! For the wonderful visit under the bright blue sky. Just what I needed. :)

Project 365 – Day 227

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9 thoughts on “Lakeside Visit”

  1. Kathy,
    Sounds like an awesome day spent in the sun. We’re sure hoping for some rain here. We have fires everywhere.

  2. Fruit? You talk a good game, but I see only chips in that first picture. Somehow none of those chips made it home, where I was slaving away with an uncooperative database instance.

    Truly a glorious day, and maybe no showers today after all, according to the weather people. “Intermittent clouds” is what they are calling for, now. Makes you wonder, just what is an intermittent cloud, anyway? Sometimes it is a cloud, and other times it goes through an existential crisis?

  3. Ah, what an ordeal to be just a cloud!!

    Sweet kid pictures. I’d like to be among them on the beach, too.

    It’s bright and sunny here today- but the temps are going to be fairly low.

    Love you kids. AK

  4. Hey! Yes we had soooo much fun on the Jet Ski! And Hannah and I DOMINATED!!!!! We beat Josh! For we had the boat, raft, and BOTH oars!!!! Although for the longest time we were not doing so well on account of us not being able to row properly! But we soon got the hang of it……well Hannah anyway!

  5. You know, now that I think about it, the children were eating chips (“scarfing” is more like it). After the chips, however, they moved on to grapes and watermelon and then popsicles. Pretty much, if we brought out food, they ate it. :)

  6. Cynthia – my goodness! You all DO need rain. I always forget about the threat of fire when things get so dry in the summer. We’ll gladly send you some rain. Surely we have enough to spare. Ha!

  7. What a fun day. We love our pool, but a trip to the lake is always welcome.

    We are in need of rain also. We had been doing very well this summer with enough rainy days to keep things well watered, but plenty of sunny days mixed in. It has been quite a while since we had any real rain.

    Great photos of the kids.

  8. I grew up on a lake in Northen Indiana. I REALLY miss it. I really yearned to raise our kids in IN and on a lake but that is not the way God wanted it. He has us down here in the HEAT but close to the ocean :-)
    My parents live on a lake down here but we don’t get in it because of the gators LOL

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