Do the Puyallup

If you live in Western Washington and listen to the radio, you’ve heard a lot of advertisements about the Puyallup Fair. Their slogans indicate, in my opinion, some recent budget cuts in marketing: “Do the Puyallup” and “Happy is Good” seem to be the front-runners for this year.

The Fair

One of my deep-rooted parenting fears is that I might somehow, in a moment of inattention, lose one of my children. When we first moved to Washington, Kathy took the older three to the Evergreen Fair while I was at work, but I have flatly refused to go, ever since. I ask Kathy: “There will be hordes of people, and we’ll lose David or Sarah. Which one can you live without?” She’s not amused by that kind of talk.

This year Kathy was more insistent, and my resistance slowly crumbled. We bought the all-you-can-ride wristbands (taking out a third mortgage on our home to do so) and Kathy scoured the countryside for free tickets to get into the fairgrounds. We packed a lunch and got there early, meeting up with another couple of families.

It was quite a day. We were there for almost 11 hours, and we all (even Joshua) rode enough rides to get our money’s worth. Rachel claims to have ridden various attractions 34 times, but I can’t imagine she rode a single one beyond 33. Around supper time, we had a family council, trying to decide whether to go home or to refuel and stay a little longer.

Sleepy is Good
This was not our most energetic moment.

We decided to buy roast beef sandwiches from the Young Life concession stand, a major fund-raiser for the Young Life program. We had a great time, and we didn’t lose anyone. Kathy was beat, having started the day with an early-morning dental appointment, so I sent her to bed.

Please tune in tomorrow for our regularly-scheduled programming.

Project 365 — Day 256

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6 thoughts on “Do the Puyallup”

  1. You must be young–I’m quite in awe of your 11 hour marathon!! We lasted about 4 at our tiny Carver County Fair in August. Sounds like fun, tho!!

    Love,Aunt Kate

  2. Our boys love the fair! We went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe a few weeks ago, and I think our boys “drove” every single tractor they laid eyes on. My husband and I came home with very sore backs from lifting and twisting at all of those strange angles… and it was well worth the small fortune we spent there. After all, we only do this once a year. We can splurge once a year, right?

  3. Actually, I found out I rode 36 rides I forgot the scary dragon one and the little cars. I had a GREAT time running from ride to ride, with or with out a parent. We were allowed to take ”buddies” if mom or dad were busy with the younger kids. My favorie ride was probably 1. the scrambler 2. the big swing 3. the tilt a whirl

    Thanks dad for taking us to the fair!! And thanks Joshua for being a good sport. Also thanks mom for taking me on rides no one wanted to go on.:)

  4. Way to go, Rachel! Bessie is the ride fiend in our house….NOT me…no way, no how…maybe the merry-go-round! We love the fair, but usually pass on the midway. Bessie goes to a Six Flags park with the youth group and gets her nauseating ride fix!

    Looks like you all had a terrific day. Good one, Tim and you didn’t even misplace anyone.

  5. 11 hours – you guys rock! I was thinking just this week that I miss FAIRS….I wonder why they dont’ have one down here. They do have the Stock Show and Rodeo in Feb – but it isn’t the same. We may have to plan a road trip to a few county fairs next summer.

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