Rainy Virginia

I have been told that this area of Virginia hasn’t had any rain since July. That all ends now and really, what better way to make Washingtonians feel at home than serve us Starbucks with plenty of rain. The Starbucks I had to pay for, but the rain was on the house (car, hotel, campus, college students, and on and on).

Did we bring umbrellas? Of course not. In Washington it mainly drizzles or mists, it doesn’t actually RAIN. Here we got a massive downpour lasting pretty much the entire day.

Did we walk around the campus, reminiscing about our college days?
Did we stroll down the old parts of town, admiring the beauty?
Did we buy the $22 umbrella in the college bookstore?
No, but it was a near thing. :)

Thankfully we are here for several more days and the weather is supposed to clear up by the end of the weekend. I’m sure we’ll enjoy that stroll down memory lane sooner or later. Meanwhile we visited with old friends, looked at hundreds of old Intervarsity pictures, made plans to see other alumni, enjoyed couple time, ate out, shopped, got soaking wet, and went to an Inter-Varsity Large Group meeting.

The Reunion Weekend is going well!
Even with the rain.
We miss our children and entertain people with stories of their antics; it helps us feel like they are close by.

Pictures coming.
Hoping for sunshine tomorrow.


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8 thoughts on “Rainy Virginia”

  1. Send some of that rain down here to Georgia – we are in a severe drought!!!!

    Hope you’re having fun, duckies!!

  2. While Kathy visited with two of her girlfriends (where else, but at a coffee shop?) I roamed the academic buildings, looking for an old professor who has since retired. I parked my car at one end of the campus, during a brief cessation of the rain. As I finished my fruitless search at the other end of campus, the rain resumed with a vengeance.

    “It’ll let up any minute,” I told myself. If I had thrown myself into Crim Dell (a little pond in the center of campus) I’d have been a little wetter, but not much.

    As Kathy said, how better to make us feel at home? But I had forgotten Virginia heat and humidity — at least back in Washington, it has the decency to be cool when it is raining. :)

  3. You all will have a great time! You two must have some special memories to share since you met there! Don’t forget to check on Cabell while you are walking around! Please tell Marty and Carolyn hello, and will you see Rachel and Cara? Please tell them hey from me!! Anne

  4. What do you mean- pictures to come? WHEN?

    I’m glad you are having fun, dear Tim. Even with the rain. Sorry you got caught in a downpour. Your description of misty rain in WA makes me think of Portland ‘rain’. Those kids don’t call it rain. We from MN consider it rain in Portland. Ha.

    Hugs to sweeet Katherine. Love you, Aunt Kate

  5. Ooops. Thanks, Emily, for pointing out that we had “Tim” as the author of this blog. It was really “KME” — this has now been corrected. :)

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