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Our Small Group/Bible Study/Fellowship Group/Home Group (what do you call them?) tries to meet once a week. We are currently in between studies. We had a fantastic time going through the Love and Respect dvd series and then we did a 5 week study by Ray Vander Laan. I’m not sure what we’re going to settle upon next.

This is how we spent tonight’s small group:

1) Snacks (always key) – fresh carrots, homemade chocolate chip cookies, hot cider, pretzels and Breton crackers.

2) Worship – Ray led us in an amazing time of singing and prayer. All of the children joined us (the family room was FULL of people) for the singing. What a blessing to have a skilled worship leader in our midst.

3) Memory Verses – the group is trying to add scripture memory work to our lives. Each week everyone is encouraged to memorize three verses. When we come together in group, there is time to recite the verses (and receive applause, of course). When the children in AWANA show up their parents, you know it’s time to start memorizing!

4) Thanksgiving Sharing – Ray ended our worship time with some discussion of Thanksgiving memories.

5) Scum – One couple left but the rest stayed to play cards. What fun!

It was a good night and I’ll leave you with one of my verses.

“He who loves discipline, loves knowledge but he who hates correction is STUPID.” Proverbs 12:1.

I think finding a verse with the word “stupid” in it is rather unique and should be immediately memorized.

Next week is Thanksgiving – look how the holidays gallop along. If you’re in a small group Bible study, I’d love to hear what all you’re studying. We take any and all ideas. Thanks!


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5 thoughts on “Small Group”

  1. Hey Kathy,
    We are going through the book “The Green Letters” by Miles Standford. A very good book, although the language is a bit old and requires some thinking. But that is one of the desires outcomes of Bible Study right? It focuses on some of the truths of Romans 5 -8. Our identification in Christ and position in Him. Good stuff in there. It is interesting to read through it this time around and see what we underline as opposed to our first time through.
    Miss you my friend.

  2. I’d love to sing with you, Katherine. I LOVE singing.

    Thanks for sharing- but pictures. Were mine missing? Ha

    Love, AK

  3. We call them community groups and Jamie and I just can’t get to them. They do not welcome kids and we feel the few evenings we are all home during the week should be used to disciple our teens! The kids have their own small groups earlier in the evening before Dad gets home from work.

    I miss not being able to go but there you go. That’s the season of life we are in atm. There will be plenty of time for us to join one again in a few years.

  4. I totally agree about your assessment of finding the word “stupid” in the Bible. It certainly makes the point!

    We call our church small groups “care groups.” It’s a fitting and fun name. That’s great that you encourage memorizing scripture. I’m a T&T leader, so that is always encouraging me to hide God’s Word in my heart!

  5. Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by with your cheery words : ) Love your Bible study format – sounds like a wonderful time of fellowship. And your thoughts on “stupid” cracked me up – I couldn’t agree more! Memorize it – quick!!

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