How Could I Have Forgotten?

There is a slight problem with blogging and letting the world (such as it is) read your rambling thoughts of photo despair; when you make a mistake you have to do some serious retracting.

Tim reminded me today that we took family portraits in March of 2006 when his sister was visiting from Georgia.

what a great family!

You have got to be kidding me!!!!! How could I have forgotten? We even have a lovely picture hanging in our entry way. I’m so embarrassed. My only excuse is that it wasn’t in a studio. Pretty pathetic, if I do say so myself. Tim’s mother made all the grand daughters gorgeous skirts and we were all coordinated in white, red and black. We took hundreds of pictures, with at least 5 cameras.

red and white - very festive


Please excuse my terrible lapse in memory. Hanging head in shame and heading to the store. Do they stock brain cells anywhere near the children’s clothing?

Someone in WA

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4 thoughts on “How Could I Have Forgotten?”

  1. What will be the color theme this year? I”d forgotten the all Edgren photo shoot, too.

    I love you kids!! Aunt Kate

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