Happy Halloween

What a great day! The best costume all day? Our local Christian radio channel dressed up as a Christmas station for the day. Very creative. Although it was a bit odd to listen to Christmas music on Halloween.

heading to church

As we head to church for the Harvest Carnival, Daniel worries about proper Cape Etiquette.

Has anyone else pulled out Christmas cds yet? Tim and my brother, Thom, usually have a race to see who can start listening to Christmas music the earliest. Our competitive spirit reveals itself in strange ways.

Although the children could have dressed up very convincingly as college students, they chose something else for tonight’s Harvest Carnival.

college kids

My friend Jodi surprised us with a bag of William and Mary t-shirts. Five shirts, all different! What a fun reunion gift.

Joshua and David went as Civil War soldiers. Ask Joshua how many years he’s donned some version of this costume for Halloween.

david's soldier pose

brothers in arms

Sarah was beautiful in a Belle costume. Rachel went as a black kitty and Daniel dressed in a Zorro type costume. Rachel wasn’t sure about being a cat this year but David convinced her.

“Rachel, you look so cute as a kitty. I love it when you dress up like a kitten.”

Who could resist those sweet words from a little brother?


The church carnival was a great success. Tim was one of the photographers – the church mails out each group a family photo and an invitation to attend one of our services. Joshua worked at a Clothes Pin Drop booth while Rachel helped deliver candy and took over games as necessary. The younger children mainly went around gathering treats.

let's go get some candy

Gathering energy before hitting the game (aka candy) booths.

The children had a fun time at the carnival. Rachel and Daniel went out and did some trick or treating along our street after the church party. Tim had David and Sarah help him deliver candy to the trick or treaters who came to our house.

A busy Halloween.
Project 365 – Day 304 (Notice we are racing to the end of Project 365)

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