Where Do You Shop for Christmas?

As Christmas Day approaches, Kathy and I are hurriedly starting finishing our shopping, looking for the perfect gift or in some cases settling for free shipping of whatever they happen to have in stock.

It made us wonder — what do other people do to get presents into the hands of those they love? So we came up with this little poll:

Let us know! Leave a comment about a great deal you found, or an excellent gift idea you’re particularly proud of.


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15 thoughts on “Where Do You Shop for Christmas?”

  1. I can’t believe I had free shipping from Lands End for weeks now. Did I use it? NO! Arrghh! I have two things in my cart for a certain teenager and now I either have to ditch them or pay for shipping.

    This is the story of my unorganized life. :)

  2. Here’s where I go: Online: Omaha Steaks and Blanchards florist, especially, for our grandparents and great grandparents, and also for the “people who have everything.” FTD makes very pretty little Christmas bouquets for under $30, and Grandmas and Great Grandmas can have something pretty in their home. I get one aunt and uncle a variety flavored cheesecake each year, and they and their teen kids like it. Also… Gift cards. Target gift cards. Williams Sonoma cards for homemakers, for $10 and under you can buy WIlliams Sonoma pound cake mix or scone mix, a great little gift for Sunday School or other teachers, school administrators, neighbors, so on, etc. (And what can you NOT find at Target?)

    For neighbors this year, I wanted to do something personal, so I went to Kohls — they had all kinds of mid-sized, cute, square Christmas platters on sale for under $10 ($5-6-7!). I bought several, and Sarah and I plan to make Bundt cakes to put on the platters. I will sprinkle with powdered sugar and give the whole thing to the various neighbors as a gift, they can keep the platter and use it for cookies or whatever, the whole production will have cost me $10 each.

  3. I’m boring. But I have an excuse. I shop on Amazon, and my mother and/or father makes a big order with all the stuff. That way it’s free shipping. This requires rather careful planning on my part, as to the time, but it all works out.


  4. I was able to get 10% off at CBD and 10% off at Home Training Tools, two places we love to shop.

    Did not hit on any WOW gifts this year, but did manage to find a few things that I know people will enjoy.

  5. Hi Kathy,
    I know that your family loves Lands End, we like them too, but my favorite is LLBean and they have FREE shipping through December 21stL;) plus a $10 gift card with a purchase over $50.

  6. I usually don’t shop there because it’s just too expensive, but Sur la Table had a great gift for some friends of ours who are absolute popcorn fanatics… porcelain popcorn bowls that look like the paper cartons you get at the movie theaters. And not too pricey, either… a pleasant surprise! (Now let’s just hope that they get to California in one piece!)

  7. I’ve just recently started reading your blog and really enjoy it. I used snapfish to make photobooks of the grandkids for my in-laws. They turned out really cute and snapfish had them on sale for a very reasonable price at the beginning of this month. They’re going to love it. Now what am I going to do next year…

  8. Considering what a techno idiot I am, it’s surprising that I’ve been shopping online for at least 8 years, maybe 10. Sometimes I price compare quite a bit, or do gift research online. Amazon’s usually my favorite because of the prices, reviews, and free shipping. Last year, amazon bombed; I waited until Dec. to order, and almost everything was out of stock, or couldn’t be delivered on time. This year, we ordered half a dozen times or more from the site, some as recently as last week.

  9. Hi Tim and Kathy,

    You asked for good deals….this isn’t a good deal as much as a good find, but I found the perfect toy store in Oly called “Wind Up Here” which has a plethora of educational toys, puzzles and games…and it’s fun to walk the street for the other stores.

    We also like the catalog, “Back to Basics Toys”…lots of old fashioned toys and GREAT games!

  10. I said other…I hit the ads on Thanksgiving and mark them up with what I want to get for the people in my life! Then we go shopping at Oh Dark Thirty on Black Friday ;)

  11. Shopping online is awesome!
    The greatest gift idea, if you still need one, is what I got for my wife.
    It’s…wait…she reads this blog.
    Oh, well. sorry.

  12. This year I did about 75% of my Christmas shopping online. I always start with ebates.com or mypoints.com and then move on to the stores. I love ebates because you get cash back and mypoints you receive gift cards. I LOVED the convenience of online shopping this year. Also, Wal-mart now has site to store. You can go through ebates . . .to get to Wal-mart.com shop and then have it sent to your store for FREE. I used this a lot this year! Emily SHS

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