Painting the Town

This morning dawned clear and cold, unusual for Washington, even in January. We’re having a cold snap — that is, it sometimes falls below freezing. I know, this is nothing compared to weather in the Midwest or Northeast, but it feels cold to us. Many people don’t have any kind of a jacket other than a raincoat, and hardly know what to do when it gets this cold. Personally, I wear a fleece sweatshirt.

One of the interesting things about our house is that it has a view of Mount Rainier. It wasn’t something that was really advertised when we bought it, but it is, after all, a mountain view. It is even more breathtaking from Daniel’s window, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Here it is:

Mountain View

Oh, for those who couldn’t find it in that last shot, here it is a little closer. Now if I could only get Bob to bulldoze his house …

Better Mountain View
Bob always was rude about blocking my view.

Have you ever noticed that the moon changes size? I’ve seen days when the moon seems about to crash into the earth, and then there are days when the moon seems nowhere to be found. This morning, the moon was out, but hardly more than a big planet … or so it seemed.

Tiny moon
Look at all that big sky, and what a pathetic moon — almost full, too!

We had the opportunity to paint this evening — our church’s toddler and preschool rooms badly need renovation. A bunch of folks from our small group Bible study painted with us, but since I don’t have permission to post their pictures, I’ll just show pictures of my own children and pretend we did all the work.

David on a Roll
David, armed and dangerous

Radiator Dan
“We were supposed to paint the radiators, right?”

Come to think of it, based on the number of spots on the carpet and the quality of the painting, perhaps we’d be better off to implicate others.

Comparing their work
“Um, David, I think you missed a spot.

Project 366, Day 25

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6 thoughts on “Painting the Town”

  1. Tres cute child painters. Nice view indeed! I had no idea you had a mountain view. The best view in our house is from the upstairs bathroom. “Come watch the fireworks from our bathroom!” just doesn’t sound really inviting, does it? Glad you’re getting a bit of real winter to make you grateful for those blazing Washington summers.

  2. oh how you taunt me with that view! as a misplaced washingtonian now in the cold netherregions of idaho, i MISS seeing Mt Rainier on a daily basis. in our last house in puyallup, we too had a view like yours of the big mtn. but my fav memories were always of driving around the area and turning a corner and there she was in all her glorious splendor, when it wasn’t cloudy and raining of course.

  3. Sorry, Gail — no deliberate taunting intended. As you know, with the weather we have here, we can go days on end without seeing the mountain — I have a friend who has visited Seattle on numerous occasions and never yet laid eyes on it — she claims it is all a hoax, done with projectors and cardboard cutouts. But, as you say, you’re driving around and you turn a corner, and there it is, in its 14,000 foot majesty.

  4. Although dh and I have never lived in WA, all of our family is there. As long as I can remember, we look for Rainier–the mountain seems to float in the horizon. Now when we visit my mom on San Juan Island, we look for Mt. Baker (I think?).

    We lived in Colorado for years, and for the last five, we lived with a stunning view of Pikes Peak. People in WA, though, would say, oh, this view is nothing, you’re used to it in Colorado. Well, in Colorado, you see 14,000 foot mountains, but you’re already at 6,000-8,000 feet. When you’re in WA, you’re seeing the 14,000 foot mountains from sea level, and it’s just a completely different and breath-taking view!!!! I love your view, and thanks for sharing!!

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