Shall We Play?

Rachel has been taking piano lessons for several years. Recently David began to beg and plead for lessons himself.

I can play!

“Maybe Rachel could teach you,” I suggested, trying to test his sincerity and keep the price down. Rachel, of course, looked at me rather incredulously, shaking her head firmly. Becoming a piano teacher is obviously not high on her list of career choices.

“Well, we’ll see. You’ll have to talk to Miss Nancy.” Miss Nancy is our beloved piano teacher and dear friend of Tim’s parents. She’s also An Adult and therefore Scary. I was sure that would put David off a bit.

Nope. He was determined.

It’s official, we now have two piano students in our home.

Or maybe it’s three.

teach me, DavidI think I can do this, too

“Don’t worry, Mom, I can SO play this song. David’s teaching me.”

Project 366 – Day 23

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6 thoughts on “Shall We Play?”

  1. This is darling. How great to have 3 piano students, 2 official.

    Anna has the opportunity to take piano lessons right at her school in ‘extended day’ and we’re pushing it to happen. Of course, pushing Rachael and Travis is mostly a lost cause. They march to their own drummers. And we love them totally!! They are super parents to our dear AnnaMay Snider.

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