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Hi All! I can’t believe it’s already here!! I meant to have this post all written and ready to go right away. You know, to be at the top of the HUGE Rocks in My Dryer giveaway list. Instead, as usual, I’m behind and scrambling to catch up.

Ah, these things happen.

Mainly it was the snow.

It happened here at our house.

In western Washington.

snow bunnies

Washington, where we usually have more rain than snow. Tim says we do things proper here and keep our snow on the mountains, where it belongs.

As promised, my giveaway is centered around two of my favorite things:


Leave a comment on whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate. The giveaway ends on Saturday, February 2nd at midnight (Pacific time). A winner will be drawn randomly on Sunday, February 3rd. US residents only.


$10 Starbucks gift card

Chocolate (in some shape of form – it’ll be a surprise)


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210 thoughts on “Bloggy Giveaway!”

  1. oo goodie! I love starbucks AND chocolate.. I mean, who wouldn’t? any old way, by all means sign me up and I usually prefer milk chocolate :o) thanks a lot!

  2. Oh yay – I am usually a milk chocolate kinda girl, but I’ve been getting into the dark lately! I would love to win so I can get the new Starbucks travel mug that I have my eye on!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Enter moi, please!!!
    You must live where I live!!! We too, woke up to snow!!! It didn’t stop until around 9AMish here!!! How exciting! Someone out in this blog land lives close by!

  4. How delish! My favorite is most definitely dark chocolate. I have family in Seattle and they’ve gotten more snow than us this year!

  5. Oh my goodness…your kids are too stinkin’ cute!!!

    I am totally loving this giveaway…chocolate and coffee…what could be better than that (besides having it on a private beach while you are reading a book?). Ha! ;)

    Count me in!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity,
    Melissa in Mel’s World ;)

  6. I was going to give away the same thing, but changed my mind this morning. So I’ll have my giveaway posted tonight.

    Please enter me in your drawing!

  7. If I was lucky enough to win I would like the dark chocolate for my hubby for Valentine’s Day. A Starbucks card would complete the gift. I might even get him some flowers too.

  8. Another NW family loving the snow today!!!!!!!!

    I’d love some hot coffee to sip right now as I look out the window! :)

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate. It is SOOO yummy.
    And Starbuck’s Peppermint Mocha’s……….YUM!!!!!
    Have fun in the snow. The line between where it snowed and didn’t was a mile from our house. Unfortunately it DIDN’T snow on our side of the line.

  10. Dark chocolate … yummm !!! My mother-in-law would love the starbucks — so I would give it to her !!!!!!!!

  11. Ohhh! I’ve never been to Starbucks — and they just built a new one in town !!!! :) Dark Chocolate is always my pick !!!!!!!!!

  12. How can you go wrong with Chocolate and Starbucks?! I love DARK chocolate, the darker the better! Thanks for sharing, and stop by my giveaway as well!

  13. Okay, first – your family is ADORABLE! Second, we’re enjoying the snow with you (Oregon) and last – what a WONDERFUL giveaway!!
    Blessings ~

  14. Gotta say I like the taste of milk chocolate- but because dark is better for you (so THEY say)- that’s my new favorite!

  15. Man, it seems like our corner of the country (Boston) is always buried in snow these days! Nothin’ like some coffee and DARK chocolate to sweeten up a winter day!

  16. Hello from another washingtonian we also got dumped on with snow today (about 4 inches) which is a lot for us haha

  17. I like milk chocolate better although I’ve never been known to turn down chocolate of any kind. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Oh my goodness, to think dh’s family is pretty close to you, but I find out from YOUR BLOG that it’s snowing!!!!

  19. I like dark chocolate. My favorite is Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares filled with white mint. MMM delicious. I hope I win because I think chocolate and coffee go so well together!!!

  20. Oh, I would have to say Dark Chocolate. But I would definitely devour any kind of chocolate that I have in front of me… Dark, Milk, White… it’s all good!!!

  21. Got to love gift cards! They are fantastic. Please enter me in your
    giveaway drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  22. KATHY……Can you believe the response?-! Whoa! 71 posts …..

    Well, dark chocolate of course!!!

    Awesome picture of Sarah and David! You are getting REALLY good!!!! :)
    AND if we wake to snow tomorrow…..I’m coming over. Period. I’m not waiting for an invitation…isn’t that what friends are for? :-)

  23. I know dark is better for you and I tend to eat less of it – it’s more satisfying with just a little b.u.t….I LOVE milk chocolate! I’d like to win…Please pick me!

  24. Since I’m a single chick, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be pitiful AT ALL if I had your prize package. if it sounds like i’m buttering you up, you’re right!

  25. Dark chocolate please…….just in time for Valentine’s day!! :)
    Great snow pictures! All we are getting is rain, rain, rain.
    Thanks for the give away!

  26. I enjoy treating myself to a cup of coffee at Starbucks
    while my kids are at Awana’s plus add chocolate
    to that who wouldn’t.
    Great dual.

  27. Talk about a great response for your treats! I am with Tim on this one, Nutella or bust! If no nutella, I would prefer milk chocolate.
    Side note, for those of us who have started or are going to start a better eating plan, Starbucks is now offering sugar free chocolate. You can have your chocolate and coffee together with less calories.

  28. Hi Julee and Kathy!
    That would be dark chocolate…at least 70%. I already have a card so if you pick me, randomly of course, it can be charged over the computer and so easy! If you just add on a dollar I can get my sugar free chocolate at Starbuck’s as well like Julee said and it would be SO easy! ;)

    You’re taking such great pictures with your new camera, how fun. Next time we get together I’d love to see maybe a hundred pictures or so. I don’t think I can do the thousands unless you take me to Hawaii for a weekend, but a hundred would be nice.

  29. We are in W. WA too. It wasn’t much or is that ‘mush’ snow?!
    Milk chocolate is the best and we’ve enjoyed giving out Starbuck’s cards never done so on a blog though. Great idea!

  30. Scharffen Berger Nibby Bar (62% Cacao semisweet DARK chocolate) It has small little bits of roasted cacao nibs in the bar. No better chocolate! 70% Cacao Bittersweet DARK chocolate is very nice also. — I had NO idea that you and I had so much in common, Kathy. (choc. and coffee)

  31. Love to enter free give-a-ways! I’ll let you surprise me with the chocolate…but I love coffee with caramel flavoring in it! :)

  32. Hi! I’ve been up all night and can’t quite think of a clever thing to say! It’s 6:44 AM and I’m going to go fall into bed. Starbucks and chocolate-dark please! I’m 60 and need all the free radicals I can get. (Ha Ha – I remember when ‘free radicals’ would be the hippies blowing bubbles in the park)

  33. Dark chocolate, always. :)
    There’s usually snow in western wa, although I hear that Spokane just got a record breaking amount yesterday or the day before. My folks still live in wa and I hear the news a lot. Although down here in the southwest we also just saw a little bit of snow, which was nice. I miss it.

    Sign me up for your gift cards. You’re right, you can’t go wrong with coffee and chocolate.

  34. This Shelton gal is having a hard time homeschooling with the snow, too!

    Mmmmmilk chocolate… mmmm ;-)

  35. I would love some of that healthy dark chocolate! :-) We have a new Starbucks in the area that I’ve not been to yet. A gift card would get me there quicker!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  36. OK, that is a nice trick for getting people to get people to comment on your blog. I guess I need to do some kind of giveaway.

    Too bad I can’t have either chocloate or coffee. Would you consider asparagus as an alternative?

  37. DARK!!!!

    Love your snow pictures too! We got snow for the first time in about 5 years where in GEORGIA, if you can believe it – and we had a blast! Such fun pictures!

    Thanks for offering this awesome opportunity for the giveaway! You are very generous! Good luck to all!

  38. Ohhh, I love milk chocolate, although lately I’ve started to like dark choholate if accompanied by raspberries! Wonderful gift.

  39. Great giveaway -please enter me, and thanks for having this!
    Recently I’ve been developing a taste for dark chocolate – so I pick that!

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