Snowballs of Great Mightiness

It’s really quite impossible to do school when there is snow, glorious snow, covering the yard. When I got up this morning, Daniel, David and Sarah were already dressed and pulling on snow pants.

this boot will fit, I know it will

It was 7:15 am.

Snow pants – before 9 or even 10 am. There’s just something wrong with that picture.
bundled boy

I convinced the kids they should wait until at least 8 am before venturing out into our little Winter Wonderland. I felt sympathetic for those souls still snuggled in bed (why wasn’t I one of them?) who probably didn’t want to hear shrieks, no matter how joyful, that early in the morning.

Literally at the stroke of 8 am, the Three Rascals charged out the door, into the back yard. The snow was perfect – think and dense – just right for making snowballs, snowmen and snow forts.

sitting for a spell with my snowball

“I wonder if this would work as a snowball?”

taking my snowball for a walk

“If I can just carry it over to the side of the road.”

It’s important to know what to do with a good pile of fresh snow. Inviting a friend over for a game of King/Queen of the Mountain is a good place to start.

Ally and Daniel climb to the top

daniel takes a dive

rolling and tumbling

If you can’t stay on the top, at least you can have company on the bottom.

Project 366 – Day 28

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9 thoughts on “Snowballs of Great Mightiness”

  1. Oh,my! What glorious gorgeous snow!! And it stuck together!! The snow we had when the kids were here at Christmas time wasn’t that moist. But great for sledding.

    Will it stay around very long? Did Portland get it??

    NIce juxtapositioning (sp?) of beach at the top and snow, eh?

    Love you kids. Aunt Kate

  2. There is something unspeakably unjust about all of this. Now our only acquaintances without snow are the ones living in FL. While we sit and mope in the rain. Our last snow was in mid-November. Everyone should pity us folks in Scandinavia.

    I am happy for you, nonetheless. I will try to rejoice and enjoy the snow vicariously through you all.

  3. This reminds me of Sierra this past Christmas up in Indiana. She would wakeup and then spend hours outside in the snow. What fun memories they are creating!

  4. Us Burts don’t have any snow either, if it makes you feel any better. None in the immediate forecast either. hohum.
    We did some some unseasonal rain on Monday, does that count?

    Don’t know if I can show these pictures to the kids, it may cause some coveting. :)

    And to think I told our kids that there was no such thing as a snow when you homeschool. Shame on me.

    You must be getting your rest and going to bed on time lately, I have missed your voice on email.

    Greg has been teasing me mercilessly about how often I am checking our blog about the give away, he says I have to give him a kiss for every comment I get. hehehe.

    Miss you too.

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