Asparagus with a Princess

Sarah adores this dress – she would wear it to church every Sunday if she could. It was a Christmas present (a Costco special) and I wish I had picked up one in every color just to see her dance around and revel in feeling like an exotic princess.

Today was gray and cool, so when Sarah asked to wear her “pretty white dress” to church, I agreed. It has long sleeves and is definitely a winter outfit. I felt smug sneaking in one more wearing before the warm weather arrives to stay. It is, isn’t it? The warm weather is going to come for a good long, summer visit? We’ve had several gorgeous, warm days but nothing that seems to really want to linger. No offense to all of those Washingtonians who actually like the cool weather and mild seasons, but I’m hoping for a good, hot summer.

After church (where Sarah did, of course, receive MANY compliments for her gorgeous dress) I decided to make asparagus for lunch. I’m the only one in the family who likes this particular vegetable (although I must admit I haven’t tried very hard to encourage the children eating asparagus, as that would mean I would have to share) which means if I make up a nice pan of steamed asparagus I get to eat all of it. Yum!


Sarah obviously wishes she had her own plate of asparagus!

I remembered that Carl had commented on Rachel’s healthy living discussion last week. He said asparagus was his favorite vegetable and recommended roasting it in the oven with a little olive oil and fresh rosemary. I didn’t have any fresh rosemary (or dried for that matter) but I did have olive oil and Kosher salt. Yum!! It was delicious. I even took his advice and sprinkled it with a little bit of fresh parmesan cheese.

While I didn’t allow her to actually EAT any of this, I did let Sarah be my photo model. I’m sure real princesses eat asparagus.

sarah's veggies

This is probably more asparagus than one person really needs to eat in a single day. See what happens when you don’t share.

Project 365 – Day 140

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8 thoughts on “Asparagus with a Princess”

  1. We LOVE asparagus here.. kids and adults. Does it grow wild there? Here it grows wild on the ditch banks and it really springs up after a spring rain… dies out as soon as the rain ends and summer heat sets in. I bet there’s some out there now. I’ll have to have the kids go out looking for it.

  2. I’m glad she got one more chance to wear that dress this Spring. As Kathy said, Sarah asks to wear it to church nearly every week. I’ve said “No” the past few weeks because I was afraid Sarah was putting too much stock in the compliments she receives. I don’t think that one’s primary motivation in going to church should be to engender compliments, and Sarah is a little too aware of the reaction that dress provokes. Maybe I’m just jealous that nobody thinks I’m so cute. :)

  3. Asparagus is our FAVORITE vegetable here…okay, except for Tara, who is 5yo and doesn’t really like any veggies in particular. I use the tossing in olive oil and salt and roasting method quite a bit. I always have to share, though, so I just make A LOT.

    BTW, we have that same dress from Costco and Tara loved it as well. I’m trying to put away all the winter clothes here, though and am a little sad that it won’t fit her next year. We absolutely love Costco for dresses for our little princess! Much more reasonably priced there than other places.

  4. We like asaparagus. I used to steam it to death and eat it with mayonnaise. Thanks to SHS, we usually toss it with olive oil and a little salt then broil it. Yum!!! (No mayo necessary.)

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