Project 365 – Day Five (Fri-S)

Ah, Sarah, the little princess, muffin, sweetie pie! My youngest child, a daughter born on my birthday. This little one has a special place in my heart.

Sarah sitting

Sarah, age four and a half, adores all things common and beloved by little girls down through the ages–dolls, dresses, jewelry, the color pink, etc. Unlike her closest sibling, she doesn’t seem to have an intense drive to keep up with the big kids. She is content to sit and play for hours on the stairs with her Polly Pockets or Playmobil figures. At home she is bubbly and talkative, out in public she is shy and coy. I have had friends tell me they have never heard her speak a word.

Sarah's slippers
Love the slippers!

For Christmas Sarah was given this gorgeous dress. She was absolutely thrilled with it. I knew she would like it but even I was a bit overwhelmed with her response. At one point she told me she wanted to go to bed. I thought for a minute and realized the reason why. She was eager for night to fall so she could wake up and it would be Sunday and she could wear her beautiful new dress to church. Ah, does every young girl want to be a princess?

long hair
The lighting isn’t great but it does show the princess’ long, never been cut hair.

Sarah enjoys school and is pleased to pull out her workbooks and practice her writing and coloring. She sits in on David’s reading lessons but doesn’t seem terribly eager to learn herself. She has excellent fine motor skills and likes to work on letters and writing. She took her turn writing on our new full size whiteboard today (in her fancy dress, no less).

sarah writes

sarah ponderssarah smiles and writeslook at those eyelashes

She is the baby of the family but no longer a baby. My, how the years go by so quickly!


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3 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Five (Fri-S)”

  1. It seems only yesterday Sarah was a baby. “Baby, you’ve come a long way!” Look again at the last few pictures, and you’ll see a beautiful princess. The last two pictures blow me away. There is definitely something special about the last child. Mine, Steve, is 45, and there’s still something about him… I liked thinking of Sarah’s ability to entertain herself quietly. Sarah looks like quite an angel in her new dress, too!

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