Happy Birthday, David!

I have a terrible memory. Oh, I can remember inane and unimportant things like the names of movie stars and their hit films or short stories I read in high school, but real memories, you know, events that actually happened to me, elude me.

I hold only little pieces of my childhood in my memory. Even then, many of the recollections come from pictures stored in photo albums and slide shows. I don’t know that I remember the actual occurrence or just the picture of the activity.

Tim tells the children elaborate tales of his youth; times he went camping with his family, places he explored as a child and teenager, insightful lessons he learned along the way. The children, eager for more glimpses into the ancient past, look over at me, ready to hear my childhood anecdotes.

I look back at them blankly.

I never knew I had a poor memory. It was something I discovered as an adult, about the time my kids asked me to tell them a story from my past.

I had a wonderful childhood and a rich, full life. I just can’t remember it.

Today is my youngest son’s birthday. David is seven years old. By now I’m an experienced mom, I know what happens: these precious little ones grow up! They change, mature, and blossom into young adults.

birthday boy

My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, blessed our family with this Birthday Hat.

I guess our days are too full of living to hold all of the precious moments of our days in my finite brain. I keep trying to get an upgrade on memory storage and brain power but the shipping costs are out of this world.

I don’t want to forget the sweetness of today. I don’t want to forget what my children are like at this point in their lives. Joshua is fourteen. I barely remember what he was like as a brand new 7 year old.

birthday breakfast

Butterscotch pancakes for the birthday breakfast. Yum!

And you all tease me for taking so many pictures. I need them to bolster my pathetic memory. I wonder if we will have perfect retention in heaven. Will we be able to look back and clearly remember all that we did during our life time? Can I request the Good Parts Only version? Maybe the glories of heaven will so outshine anything that occurred during our brief time here on this earth, that we won’t need to waste time on old memories.

Happy Birthday David!!

You are my beloved youngest son. You have an incredibly bright smile and sweet spirit. I treasure your ready hugs and cheerful personality. Several times a day you enthusiastically run over to me for a hug me or kiss on the cheek. You let me hold and snuggle you. You do a wonderful job of making me feel loved and appreciated. You love presents and are thankful for everything from little treats to a homemade meal.

let's blow them out!

On Friday you were upset because you didn’t have your “speedy” tennis shoes. You were gloomy and worried about running and playing in shoes that were too loose. You LOVE to zoom about at top speed. You have a wonderful daddy who drove out of his way to bring you your special shoes.

You are quickly becoming an excellent reader. Some days you fuss about all the school you have to do, and other times you rush through your work, laughing at how simple it is. You play easily with all of your siblings. You and Sarah are buddies and she adores you. You and Daniel can often be found playing computer games together or sitting on the floor with Legos, marbles or Playmobil. You and Joshua are great friends. Neither age or size difference seems to matter in your relationship and you were very dismayed that he was going to be out of town on your birthday. You and Rachel enjoy all manner of creative games. At the pool this week you played a game involving a slave and his master.

I try not to ask too many questions.

let's light those candles!

Rachel lit the candles for our second round of Happy Birthday To You!.

I’m afraid my memory is poor. You are going to grow up and ask me what type of a little boy you were. You’ll want to know what books you read, where you sat in the car, what types of games you played, and how much you were loved.

we love David

Forgive me for forgetting so many of the little details. With all my heart, I want you to know that you were a cherished six year old and will most certainly be a treasured seven year old. I’ll do my best to photograph, journal and blog your life so our memories of these sweet times will be carefully preserved and venerated.

Project 365 – Day 47

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, David!”

  1. Take heart, you may not have a bad memory at all. I’m like Tim and can remember all sorts of details about childhood, but I’m almost blank when it comes to my teenage years. College details are a bit fuzzy, save one angle–my husband.

    Over the years, I’ve found out that certain things trigger long term memory in me. The outdoor adventures I had with my childhood friends is something that I seemed to latch onto. The only childhood birthday party I remember was one that we did outside with lots of activities. I remember many events in those kinds of settings–even events in high school.

    So see, your memory trigger may be the smiles and hugs of your kids and things like preparing wonderful birthday parties and butterscotch pancakes.

  2. I don’t remember anything either. It drives me crazy. I have the intention of journaling and photographing, but time just goes faster than my intentions. You are definitely much further ahead of me in solving the dilemma. By the way, we have the same red ‘special’ plate. :>)
    Many Blessings,

  3. Happy Birthday David!

    I have the same sentiments – My memory is poor and I wished I had taken more time to write down things my kids did and describe their childhood more vividly. Thanks to photographs – they tremendously help in keeping memories :)

    Go take lot of photos! It’s worth it :)

  4. You may not remember the little details, but you’ll remember the whole package that is David.

    I was just feeling sad TODAY on the way home from church that I can remember feeding my son his first solid food. I can remember my daughters first bite as well…my other two? no clue. I have no idea at all. But, I do know that I must have fed them, as they’re living still.

    just not as exciting to tell your little girl. :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe you are 7!!!!!!!!!! it is SO exciting to see you grow up and become a little boy who loves God.

  6. Happy Birthday David. I remember when your Mom told me God had a plan to bring them another precious child. Soon after that declaration, we knew you were coming in nine months. I visited your mom that summer in the Duckabush to see a beautiful baby boy! God has a GREAT plan for your life David!
    The Dilley Family

  7. I feel like crying- this is such a precious blog. David is totally unique-himself in all ways. Do you suppose that God knew that and created David to be David, himself? YES INDEED.

    I love you, David. You always make me smile. Love, Aunt Kate

  8. That is a fabulous cupcake stand and with the candles to boot! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently! I’ll check back in with you soon.

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