Blue Skies and Runny Noses

Two days of gorgeous weather here, sunshine and warm temperatures abound. Rachel claims that it was 80 degrees today at one of the parades in which she performed.

It was a beautiful day. We worked outside on our ‘castle’, and had time to play with the hose and a make-shift slip ‘n slide. We ate leftover pizza for lunch and stew for supper, thanks to Kathy who prepared meals for us before she gleefully ran off to attend the annual women’s retreat with ladies from our church. The kids played several elaborate games; their latest is a game called ‘Mousetrap’ involving a large rope tied on one end and twirled like a jump-rope (presumably by the ‘cat’).

Daniel amazed us all with his mouse-like agility.

Joshua kicked the weekend off in his own unique style by mowing the lawn with our new mower. He was deep in The Count of Monte Cristo and decided to mow both front and back lawns on Friday so he could devote his Saturday to more single-minded reading. I recently assigned him six books to read before he is allowed to re-read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, so he is burning through them as quickly as he can.

Lawn-boy, hard at work
Kathy and I agreed to use part of our tax refund to buy a new mower. Joshua put it through its paces.

We had a good day. I bought the wrong length 2′x4′ studs on Friday, so we had to go back to Lowe’s for more wood — then I had the wrong size nuts for my bolts, so back to Ace Hardware I went again. Still, we managed to get a couple of walls up on the ‘castle’, much to David’s excitement.

Measure once, cut three or four times ...
How does that saying go: “Measure once, cut three or four times … ?”

“You’re almost done with it,” he exclaimed. Seven-year-olds aren’t very hard to please, when it comes to construction.

Hose Coward
David had no shame when it came to avoiding Joshua and the hose …

The ‘castle’ is quite a bit taller than we expected — almost gangly, if you can use that word to describe a small building. I plan to put in a floor at about 6′ and use the top part for battlements, at least until we can put a roof over it. Let’s hope we don’t get any serious wind before it is more stable, or we’ll end up with a lot of scrap lumber and not much else. We haven’t yet decided how to decorate the outside — maybe we could paint boards to look like stone?

Grow, seedlings, grow!
Daniel and I are very proud of our tomato seedlings.

We even brought our tomato plants out for the afternoon, so they could become ‘hardened’ to the wind and sun. They seemed to like it, although several of our little seedlings drooped a bit until we perked them up with a good watering.

Tomato Awe
David and Sarah can’t wait for their seedling tray to sprout (it’s still under my bed, germinating).

Toward the middle of the afternoon, I began feeling my allergies in earnest. This has been a pretty gentle season for me so far — I’ve been able to stay on top of it ever since allergy season started (for me, in late February). Tonight, though, I’m runny-nosed and bleary-eyed and I’ve already taken my whole day’s allotment of Allegra (and then some). It may be a long night.

Slip 'N Slide
You’d think it was Summer, the way these kids carried on in their bathing suits!

Rachel spent the day performing in four Daffodil Parades in the area with the Drill Team from our HOPE homeschooling co-op. Their costume involved jackets and black clothing, so she was pretty hot. They went out for pizza afterward, so we weren’t able to retrieve our sweet Rachel until 9 pm, which is why she is conspicuously missing from these photos.

Castle Heroes
“Pose heroically,” I told ‘em, so they did.

Project 366, Day 103

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5 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Runny Noses”

  1. Tim, great job holding down the fort and building the castle while Kathy is retreating! Sounds like it was a very productive day!

  2. Parades? this time of year? We still have snow tires on our cars. Does Rachel do baton stuff? Twirly ribbon stick things? What does the drill team drill at? We all know a guys’ drill team would march around posing heroically with battery-powered power drills. Maybe it’s time for a guest blogger to tell all! And what is the 6-book list Joshua has get through (or the other 5 besides “Count”?) What healthy rosy-cheeked happy looking children those are! And such impressive tomato sprouts, and grass that actually is ready to mow! Is EVERYthing growing over there? And such a noble mother to leave cooked meals for her family. My family wishes they had such a caring mom! What store do you find them at?

  3. I’m totally impressed….fun, parades, building projects and BLOGGING…and here I have trouble finding time to READ blog lately.

    Your seedlings are gorgeous. I didn’t believe we’d get a garden and so didn’t start any – now I’ll have to pray there are still plants to buy. LOL

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