Heading for Norway!

My babies are leaving for Norway. Gasp! I’m not ready. I’m not prepared. I’m not packed. I’m not going. Hey, there’s something wrong with this picture!

get him, Sarah!

Sarah is going to miss her big brother!

I probably shouldn’t call them babies. At ages 12 and 14, they might not exactly appreciate it. Or truly resemble the epithet. Still, to a mother it doesn’t seem to matter the age (or height and shoe size, which in Joshua’s case are considerable) of the child, in a flicker of an eye lash they are in diapers again.

my oldest darling daughter

And much too young to be flying to Norway!

Tim’s parents promise me they will take good care of my precious children during their weeks abroad. They say reassuring things like, “We’ll be all together. We won’t let anything happen to them. It will be an adventure.”

It’s that last part that scares me. How do parents let their children grow up? How do they let them try out new things and brave new frontiers? What about the ones who want to be missionaries in foreign lands or even go to college in another state?

These are big steps for some of us parents.

who needs nature when you've got a good book

The best way to spend a nature walk is with a good book in hand.

So, if you happen to think of me tomorrow (or over the next few weeks) say a prayer for my babies and give your own a little hug and kiss.

Project 366 – Day 126

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10 thoughts on “Heading for Norway!”

  1. sniff, sniff. I don’t quite feel guilty about our part in this, but I do feel the tug on your heart. I’m sure they’ll miss you, too! You’re just too fun and loving a mom for them not to. Thank you for letting them go for this little spell, especially since you’d probably love to be along. They will likely thank you, appreciate you more than ever, and be the better (?) for it.

  2. Yes, what about those kids who want to missionaries overseas. I don’t mind at all if my kids want to do that, as long as they come back and serve in Thailand that is! Close to us. Sounds reasonable to me.

    Joshua and Rachel will have such a wonderful time, but I know how much you will miss them. Not to mention the other three kids left behind.
    Ach, those are sad words aren’t they? Left behind? Is Daniel sad at not going?
    How long will they be away again?

    Have fun Rachel and Joshua! Break in those passports and make sure to save a page for Thailand!

  3. Don’t worry, dear Aunt, we will take care of Joshua and Rachel. There’s nothing more dangerous around here than the smell of natural fertilizer (which, admittedly, is noxious, but hardly lethal). And we’ll make them keep in contact with you, though I’m sure they’ll be eager to do so anyway. We’ll be praying for you, left with only three children for a couple weeks!

  4. These are the best pictures ever, Katherine. So very dear. I am right with Joshua–I confess I like nature best with a good book at hand.

    I will be praying everyday for J and R and the Edgren seniors and for the WA Edgrens.

    I love you. (how can they be 12 and 14 when Joshua just learned to turn over??) Aunt Kate

  5. WOW
    to get to travel
    are they flying?
    Whatever what a great experience.
    The best part of this will be the closeness your family will have when they get back.
    There is an appreciation the kids will have for each other and a love they will share that will be a little different after this seperation.
    I’m not sure how long they are going but a six week seperation for our family was an incredible asset the the relationships my kids have with each other. Jordan (my 13 year old girl) went to Brazil for 6 weeks and worked at a school that supplements the public schools in a favela(slum)area. I know this will be a different experience for them then hers but the family relationships will strengthen.
    I had my 7 year old come up to me after she’d been gone for 2 weeks and she said she thought she’d like it with Jordan gone. Her statement was finished through tears as she said she didn’t think she would miss her, but really did. Two leaders if my 5 kids used to constantly butt heads now have a united front. I will be praying that those that are going will realize all the things they apprectiate about home. And those at home will realized that they really do LOVE those that are gone. Love with a deeper love than a have to love.
    It was great for us……it’s all what you make of it. Trust God for the right attitudes:)

  6. I remember the Maelstrom in Norway at Epcot, so I think I have some idea of what their experiences will be like.
    At least they’re going with Tim’s parents, and not with Tim. Can you imagine?
    Be sure to post some Norway pictures, Vær så snill.

  7. You’ll miss the kids I’m sure but as long as dad isn’t driving down some mountainous one lane road pointing out the sites on the OTHER side, they’ll be fine! tee.hee. They will have lots of fun visiting the cousins!!! :)

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