Reaping and Sowing

The tomato planting continues.

david is the day's helper

I’m not sure Tim and the children are actually going to sell any of their precious plants. As the days go by, and each plant grows stronger and taller, Tim’s attachment increases.

Good morning happy plants! he choruses each day to the green jungle growing in my bedroom.

Honey, I think I’ll build some shelves in here and then I’ll have a place to grow tomatoes all year long, he told me last weekend.

Shelves, over my window seat, for tomato plants? Now isn’t that an interesting decorating approach.

Um, wasn’t the point to sell some of these plants? I asked him recently.

It’s an investment, he mumbled as he went down the row watering each of his “babies.”

get those tomatoes planted

Frankly, I’m just glad someone is teaching the children about gardening as it’s not likely to be me. Unless of course a class in Black Thumb becomes popular.

Hey Mom, do you think you can teach me to kill plants this week?
No fair! Mom said she was going to teach ME how to over water and neglect house plants next.
It’s my turn.
No, my turn.

Sigh. Until then I let Tim and the children do the planting, weeding, watering and tending.

even neighbor sophie helps

Look how they even pull random neighbor children into the planting work.

My goal is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. And with prices as high as they are, a garden looks better and better. I wonder what else I can get them to plant?

Project 366 – Day 135

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5 thoughts on “Reaping and Sowing”

  1. I’d keep them and eat them. We tried planting tomatoes in a big barrel outside one year (the soil isn’t conducive to growing much here in sandy FL). We still couldn’t make anything grow. The bugs ate them. Some much for our foray into organic gardening. I have a BROWN thumb! But boy would I love to have some home-grown (meaning not mealy or mushy) tomatoes that didn’t cost a fortune.

  2. I’m reminded of the movie, What About Bob? in which Bill Murray in his role as Bob, goes sailing. Because of his paralyzing fear of well, everything, they end up tying him to the mast. His take on it:

    “I’m sailing! I’m a sailor. I sail!” Bob exclaimed joyously. In self-deprecation, he adds, “I just let the boat do the work.”

    I feel that way about our tomato plants — I just stuffed them in pots and make sure they get plenty of water, but it is God who does the work to grow them. Our first batch of plants is nearly 24 inches high.

    Lest there be anyone out there who can actually recognize plants, most of the seedlings in today’s post are not tomatoes, but rather flower plants (we can’t remember what kind, because we lost the seed packet).

  3. Kathy,
    You are so versatile to allow tomato plants in your bedroom :)

    If you really do talk to your plants you have my admiration! We have herbs growing right now, from seed, and watching the little seedlings come up brings out involuntary baby talk. ;)

    We LOVE What About Bob? except for at least one part that we never seem to successfully fast forward through all the way…ugh. Keep it up with those tomato plants! Baby steps, right? (Heeeheeeheee)

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