Questions about Father’s Day

How do you handle Father’s Day? Each year I find myself a bit confused. Do I buy a present for Tim, the father of my children, or do I buy one for my father? Or perhaps I do both. Does Tim buy a gift for his father and I buy one for my father and the children take care of Tim?

This should NOT be complicated.

Except my father doesn’t want anything (except maybe a visit from his grandchildren) and my father-in-law doesn’t need anything (except maybe donations for The Refuge). Tim’s favorite gifts are computer games and books and he keeps a thoroughly stocked Amazon Wish List, so he’s EASY.

Obviously the lesson here is I need to encourage my father and father-in-law to maintain Amazon Wish Lists. Then, anytime one of the kids or grandchildren want to buy a present, they would have a nice selection to choose from. It’s brilliant!

Is it too late to start now? Dads – please go straight to and do some fun window shopping. It’s simple to click and put things into your wish list (NOT your shopping cart). Who knows, maybe you’ll find a little treat headed your way.

Anyone have other great ideas for Father’s Day? I somehow missed Mother’s Day (sigh) and Father’s Day is rapidly approaching.


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9 thoughts on “Questions about Father’s Day”

  1. ha! Father’s Day presents are complicated….what do you get the man that could buy anything but wants nothing???? a picture of the grandkids? a can of cashews? socks? another tie? when you figure it out, let me know because I’m stumped too….

  2. um…Kris is easy like Tim…only without the amazon wishlist LOL!! Kris wants either a guitar center gift card or a home depot gift card…

    Beyond him I do cards…I’m lazy.

  3. Haha, we have to tell my dad not to do any shopping for himself before Father’s day because it seems like he always buys the exact same thing we just got him! that or he cuts out pics from magazines so we’ll get him exactly what he wants.

  4. Good questions and suggestions. We usually gather here and I let the guys’ families give them gifts. Sometimes I get Jerry and our boys all something. Sometimes I do only a card for Jerry. Mostly I don’t give my adult sons who are fathers anything.

    We’re skipping it this year–as Jerry and I will be in Rochester preparing for my colonoscope and big medical appts Monday at Mayo’s. I’ve told the kids- they are on their own.

    Question- am I more interested in the holiday when it’s Mothers Day? Ha.

    I love you each. Aunt Kate

  5. Hi Kathy, Well … I do remember my Dad with a small gift or card. Sometimes I cook dinner for him. But what I really encourage is that the kids realize it’s their father’s day! And to dote on their dad, and do something special.
    We’ll all be separated this Sunday, so we won’t be together, but that is what we usually do.
    Fun visiting you. Sandy

  6. This year I’m giving Luke a digital picture frame, and at your suggestion (sort of!) have sneakily added a folder to my bookmarks called “Gifts for Luke.” I went through his woodworking magazine and found some websites for stuff he’d drool over… maybe I should have done that long ago! It always seems like he’s so hard to buy for, but if I’d just pay attention to what he likes and what he reads, (and maybe plan ahead some) I’d be much better off.

  7. We were just talking about this tonight, Kathy, because I never have any good ideas either. I just asked him, “Is there anything you’d like the kids to get you?” He couldn’t think of anything either. I thought maybe I’d try to pull off breakfast in bed, if I can manage to get up early enough. Let me know what you come up with!

  8. LOL! We couldn’t figure out what to get anyone.. and as of 8:30 tonight it looks like they’ll just be getting cards until we can think of something to purchase! Both of our dads also have birthdays this month so that helps a little bit… it buys us some more time to think of something to get them and lump birthday and Father’s Day together (LOL)!

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