How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I think I’m losing my touch. A week away at camp and I only took 500 or so pictures. Gasp! I’m so embarrassed. And among those photos there are only so many that are truly blog worthy. So not only are there only a handful of stellar pictures, but there are some serious gaps. For example, I spent time with several of my dear friends. Did I take a single picture of them? No. Did I hand my camera to one of the many budding photographers milling about and make sure they take a shot of me with these friends? No. Pathetic.

I went walking three nights with a friend. Is there a picture of the trail we took? Nope.
Our next door neighbor brought over a delicious dinner one night. Photo proof? Nada.
Sleepovers for Rachel and Daniel. Nothing.
A late night CIT (Counselors in Training) camp out. Don’t even think about it.

Goodness. This doesn’t look good. Well, what all did we do this week? Let’s see if I can’t round up a few pictures to document our time away.

Avery, Sarah and Ava

All of the children managed to spend quite a bit of time with their friends. Sarah is especially spoiled to have some special girlfriends out at the Duckabush. Since camp is within walking distance of our place we managed to sneak friends home with us several days during the week.

spotted owl

There were many exotic animals at camp this year. Frankly, you just never know what creatures are going to show up to surprise the kids. On Thursday we had a long, and very informative, visit with a rather large spotted owl and now, I’m searching for highly recommended kids play places near me so that we can keep on having lots of fun.

games galore

Of course, it wouldn’t be camp week if we didn’t play games. We brought an entire laundry basket full of games with us. Talk about over-packing, we didn’t play a half of them. It is good to be prepared, though, as you never know when someone might stop by for a game.

buford is scary

Speaking of wild animals, Buford the Bear made an appearance at camp this week. It’s always good to see him, but some people are intimidated by his size and good looks.

tired campers

The camp week ended with a CIT sleepover. Although I didn’t get any pictures during the actual overnight, I did manage to snag a few shots on their return. Basic requirements for the night include: sleeping bag, pillow, goofy spirit and low need for sleep. Check, check and double check.

There’s always time for sleep later, right.

There you have it, a very small representation of our wonderful week away. I’m trying not to panic as the summer screams along at a dizzying pace. Repeat after me, “Summer is NOT over! It is NOT time for school (yet).”


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7 thoughts on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

  1. Summer is NOT over! It is NOT time for school (yet)! And thanks be to God! Lovely few photos. Don’t feel like a failure; even photo-blogging aficionados need a vacation!

  2. It was SO much fun! The CIT sleepover was definitely the highlight of my week!=] Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us to camp!

  3. I was glad to note at the end of your blog entry that summer is NOT over because you had me worried with the title stating “how I spent my summer vacation” (LOL)!

  4. Looks like a ton of fun, Karen! :) I can’t wait until Kyle is a little older and eating better so that we can go camping again — I miss it.

    Wish I could join in on your protest of the ending of summer — we just started up homeschool this week for Jacqui. We started early so we wouldn’t get behind if she has a couple of CVS episodes during the school year. She’s loving it and so am I (once I can get into a routine with it).

    Can’t wait to see how you start off your school year — I’ll be peeking in and taking notes ;)

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