Seattle Mom’s Day Out

It’s not that I don’t want to blog. I love blogging. I’m just not sure how to fit blogging in to the mess that is my life. I mean the mess that is my kitchen and dining room. The older kids are off at a youth group retreat so I can’t blame them for the untidy piles of who knows what littering my house. The younger two are spending the night at a friend’s house. Again, no blame to lay there.

Rats. I guess it’s pretty much my mess. And here I thought I was really an amazing housekeeper underneath all the responsibilities of being a mom and homeschooling teacher.

Time for Breakfast

A bunch of homeschooling moms hit Seattle for breakfast.

I’ve been spending this week frantically trying to gather all my homeschool materials. How is it possible that I placed a huge Sonlight order and somehow forgot to buy the instructor’s guide for Daniel and Rachel? Argh! This year is going to be incredibly intense as Joshua begins high school and Rachel middle school. I suppose the rest of the kids need to be educated as well.

I’m not panicking. No, I’m not. Ignore the slight twitch in my left eye.

Did I mention we’re also spending time with my family from Michigan next week? Yikes. Oh, and three days after the family visit our homeschool co-op starts. Three days. So I’m just a wee bit stressed as I run from laundry to homeschool books to the computer (what else did I forget to order?) to co-op meetings, and somewhere in the mix get ready to see my parents.

Now I’ve got a twitch going in both eyes.

Thankfully I’m an extreme optimist. I work great under pressure, ignore the need for sleep, and thrive on coffee and looming deadlines. You can see why I couldn’t cancel my Mom’s Day Out, planned months ago, even though it fell on probably one of the busiest weeks in the entire summer.

How could I resist the opportunity to spend an entire day in Seattle with five other homeschooling moms? Great food, shopping and encouraging conversation. And, of course, there isn’t anything like a sunny day at Pike’s Place with the mountain off in the distance and bargains to be found.

time for dinner

Our Moroccan dinner – the belly dancer just left the scene.

Maybe if I close my eyes all of this work will just go away. Are the rest of you homeschoolers ready? When do you start school? Are you excited for the fall and new beginnings or fighting the end of summer with everything in you? :)

Kathy – off to tackle one more pile of books before bed.

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7 thoughts on “Seattle Mom’s Day Out”

  1. I love you. You can and WILL do it. Enjoy your folks. Please hug your mama for me often. Love to all of you dear Edgrens. Hope the roof repair isn’t terribly intrusive. Hope someone will report on it. Aunt Kate

  2. I’m right there with you….AGHHHHHHH!!! Mostly getting prepared for Daniel to start high school. (watching the IEW teaching DVD’s, loading Rosetta Stone on our not yet procurred laptop, making the schedule for at least the the first week so that I can make sure Daniel stays on track etc…) It’s all getting done but I so want to do high school well that it is a little nerve wracking. [[[[Lee Binz where are you?]]]]

    Hang in there Cathy. I’m glad you got to have a fun day out with the girls.

  3. where’s the pics of pike place??? boo hoo! love that place. and yes, you can do this!

    love your humor and your blog. my boys are both at their first day of school today and after 3 weeks of tripping over both of them i’m so happy! i am not a great housekeeper, but i’m determined to whip our place into shape.

    gail in idaho

  4. Is Sarah in kindergarten now? And isn’t Daniel in 6th? Abby headed off to middle school on Wednesday, and neither of us (Abby or I) slept much the night before. But so far, it’s gone well. PTL! That has been a huge anxiety to me, despite God’s frequent assurances that He loves her and will care for her wherever she is. Getting up at 6:15 is still a struggle (and it is not encouraging to think that this is my life for the next 18 or so years!). Have a great time with your parents! That sounds like a lovely way to end the summer (in addition to a day out with girlfriends).

  5. Looks like a great day out. I don’t know about you but I think I’d be lost without my fellow homeschool mom friends. We take a weekend away in the middle of winter to a cabin. Can’t wait!

    Hey I see your at 50% on your debt. Wow! Congrats.

  6. Good for you. I would most likely have cancelled. When in a time crunch I always bag out on the fun things.. .I just can’t enjoy fun time when I have so much to do at home.

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