My kitchen is clean. Bless the beautiful child who worked so hard to wash, scrub, and tidy the kitchen before bedtime. When I left for Bible study, things were in a state of, um, not so pristine.

The house is quiet. Everyone is asleep and the only sound I hear is the gentle humming of the computer and a clock ticking in the hallway. I tracked down the buzzing, squeaking and moaning sound that was disturbing my tranquility. It appears the old kitchen computer may be ready for a little hospice care.

School is so much work! I’m just not a focused, discipline person. I don’t do well with schedules and deadlines and limited computer time. I definitely don’t appreciate the hours of the day having the temerity to arrive before 8 am.

Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to complete all of our work unless we begin at an early hour. Even with that jump start, it is difficult to get everything done. Today we had piano lessons and some character “training sessions” which ate a good 30 to 45 minutes of our time. All it takes is a little bit and the whole family is de-railed and off the schedule.

Even the infamous school bell can’t get us back on track.

Needless to say, I need to get to bed. I can’t stay up late, blogging happily (and reading all my favorite blogs) until the wee hours of the night anymore. The alarm rings bright and early no matter what time I’ve fallen asleep. This whole homeschooling thing can put a real damper in the lazy lifestyle if you’re not careful.

But then just having kids seems to do that. It’s so hard to be truly selfish and lazy when you have a family to raise. I have certainly put in the time, trying.


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5 thoughts on “Glimpses”

  1. There’s probably a lesson somewhere in all this for us, isn’t there? Maybe after another cup of coffee I’ll figure it out! Hang in there, girl! Maybe you’re still suffering “vacation lag”. May God give you wisdom to know which track to stay on, and how, and give you moments of rest and bloggy time to boot.

  2. Kathy, I hear ya, some days are better than others!!! Praying that it gets easier and easier! When you get a chance stop by my blog there’s a tag for you and Tim ;)

  3. I love you, Dear Katherine. Get to bed. Don’t worry about all the TX pics that you’ve not yet shown us or giving us tidbits of your wisdom. JUST SLEEP.
    It will get better. Keep plugging away. I know you can do it!!
    Aunt Kate

  4. Who can stay focused? But we’ve decided that Tuesday’s are always better days than Monday. With 5 kids at the same age range as yours I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I am also leading the teen group at our Community Bible Study (2 mornings a week) and I am now coaching swimming 4 nights a week. I will admidt before this schedule started in sept. I had my moments of stress and panic. I was praying one day while running errands. I asked God what he was thinking and did he really want me to do all this. I got a serious PEACE from him about his provisions for what I would need all in due time. AS I got out of the car at the next errand I called Alan to tell him the peace God had washed me with. He asked what I was doing then… that moment I was chasing a $20 dollar bill across the parking lot. No one was anywhere in the parking lot. It appears that God will provide all I need and then some. I was worried about time and he was alreading providing in other areas. What a great God we serve. I hope this can give you hope. It has been my constant reminder when I get a little overwhelmed. The kids want me to frame the 20, so it can remind all of us.:) Love you!!!!

  5. AH… I was just whining about never have enough time to do anything I enjoy…. check out my blog later to see what my dh brought me today…and now the kids have all scampered about and I have a few minutes to post a blog and check out a few while pics are uploading.

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