PowerPoint and Prayer

I spent the evening talking, praying and brushing up on my PowerPoint 2007 skills.

In just about that order.

Tim wears many hats these days – father, programmer, husband, church elder, NOT a day trader, and lately a small group coach. Along with several other men, he helps train, pray and uphold the Bible study leaders at our church. Earlier this week he asked if I would join him this evening to meet with a couple. It was an opportunity to encourage, support and pray for them as they begin a new year of small group Bible study with several other young families.

It also fell on a Thursday night.

Thursday – my weekly homeschool co-op night of panic where I put away our books from the week and gather the lesson plans and assorted materials for my three co-op classes. As an optimist and procrastinator, I usually underestimate how long preparing for these (very different) classes will take me, and delay the work until the last possible moment.

Yep, optimism and procrastination. It’s a beautiful combination, I must tell you.

As I thought about Tim’s request, a picture came to mind of my parents as they spend time counseling and visiting with beloved members of their church. Many times I have called them during the afternoon or evening and caught them on their way to the hospital to meet a new baby or sit with someone who is dying.

Birth and death, it seems at times, greet them equally as part of a pastor’s family.

“With all of you children grown and raising your own families, I can go with your father on his pastoral calls,” my mom has told me over and over. “It is an incredible gift to join him in ministering this way. Even if I am busy, I try to make sure I always say ‘yes’ when he invites me.”

Even if I am busy.

What a godly example! I am constantly humbled by the work of my parents and in-laws as they work for Kingdom of the Lord.

So, I did my best to plan ahead. I worked on my lesson plans Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I printed and copied papers in advance. I enlisted Joshua and Tim’s help in my PowerPoint presentation.

And I joined my husband in a time of fellowship and prayer with another couple. We laughed, talked, and prayed together. I was even treated to a delicious Americano made right in their welcoming kitchen. God is working and, when I am not too busy, He lets me join in His work.

Tim has begun to pray faithfully for these small group leaders. Each evening he gets down on his knees and lifts up these believers; praying for their marriage, their families, and their impact as Bible study leaders in our church. I am convicted by his example, dedication and passion.

Even if I am busy.

In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:4-6


If you read this, and think of me, I would so appreciate your prayers for our busy Friday. I am fighting a cold of some sort (sore throat) and will be sadly lacking on sleep. I teach three classes during the day, starting at 9 am, and not ending until 2:30 pm.

Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “PowerPoint and Prayer”

  1. Praying right now for you– hoping you are asleep as I pray and getting rested. I love you. Aunt Kate

    Look up Phil. 4:6 and 7. So good.

  2. Praying for you, girl.

    This is a good reminder. I went to the hospital yesterday to visit the daughter of a family from church that I dearly love. My only regret: not going to visit her sooner. I’m afraid I’m all too inclined to let the busyness of life get in the way of really living for my Lord.

  3. Right now you have half an hour more of co-op. May the Lord give you a fresh breath of wind in your sails, joy at the end of the school week, and energy for Tim, the children and the home in the coming hours!

  4. Thank you, sweet Kathy, for going with me and helping to connect and pray with these dear friends. You are a good example to me of diligence, endurance, optimism, and yes, even procrastination. You always seem to pull it together at the last minute — I admire you greatly.

  5. The part of this story that caught my eye was the part where you mention that your moms says “With all of you children grown and raising your own families, I can go with your father on his pastoral calls.”

    I know that even in our busyness we need to make time for things of great importance, but sometimes I just know that I can simply not do anything right now other than raise my children and occasionally serve in the church (worship team does take 30-40 hours a month).

    I keep reminding myself that someday I will have time for using other ministry gifts – serving through visiting, hospitality, etc… For now I can barely keep my own family fed, clothed, and bathed (LOL).

    YOU GO GIRL! I also know how busy it is for co-op. This is the 3rd year of running our local co-op and that takes all the extra time I have for serving the local homeschool community.

  6. I am always running around like a chicken with my head cut off the night before co-op. Last week I was driving around looking for cork and magnets at 9pm the night before. I can so relate.

    But, I want to be used when and where the Lord calls me. Oftentimes, it is obviously to be here with my children and husband. But I don’t want to miss those other times for lack of being prepared, available or willing.

    Thanks for provoking me to think on these things some more.

  7. I am certain the couple that entertained you in their home and treated you to the delicious americano was super grateful for your time (and your husband’s!) and your encouragement in their lives :). What a blessing to know we are prayed for as we minister to other families.

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