Happy Birthday Joshua

My baby is 15 years old. Let’s not talk about how old that makes me.

what could this be?

This gift came all the way from Norway.

Nothing speaks love to a fifteen year old young man like food, so we had a tremendous breakfast to celebrate Joshua’s birthday. French toast casserole (made with day old bagels and a hint of caramel sauce), two sausage/bacon/egg casseroles (one with cubed bread, the other shredded hash browns) and fresh apple cider.

it's Norway!

Look, it’s Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen. Joshua climbed to the top during his trip to Norway this past May. Awesome!

I can’t believe we didn’t take a single picture. I used the china dishes given to me by my grandmother, crystal goblets from our wedding, and beautiful Williamsburg table decorations from my mother-in-law.

You’ll just have to take my word for it, the table looked lovely.

daniel's triumph

Daniel and Tim put together a special present for Joshua.

We opened presents throughout the day, relaxed, played a game of Alhambra, listened to Joshua’s new LOTR sound track, watched Joshua play his new Battle for Middle Earth computer game, and some of us (okay just I, or is it me?) went for a walk.

trebuchet or catapult

Joshua might have a hard time knocking down castle walls with this, but he can always try.

Rachel left in the afternoon to babysit for the evening and Joshua went off to a youth group outing at the corn field/hay maze. We had an unexpected visitor stop by for good conversation and a very casual dinner. After Carl left, Tim took the younger two children out shopping for Joshua’s birthday (nothing like some last minute presents to round out the day).

How nice to have your birthday fall on a Saturday. No school to worry about, chores to complete, or co-op classes to attend.

Happy Birthday, Joshua! We love you.


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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Joshua”

  1. Happy Birthday! What better music to listen to on your birthday than LotR. I can see someone has good taste.

  2. Cool catapult! Kathy can practice her fast shutter speeds for some action shots of him knocking down something-hopefully inanimate. Happy Birthday, Joshua! We meant to include a card with something original on it, like “Been there, done that, got the poster”, but it may not have added much…

  3. Wow…time passes by so quickly! We liked the Norway poster of Pulpit Rock; Andrew just did a project on Norway for school and he used a picture of Pulpit Rock for his tourist attractions section.

    Happy Birthday Joshua from all of us in GA!!!!!

  4. Yea.. .we won’t talk about how the kids getting older ages us. Our oldest will be 20 in the spring!

  5. 15!! My word!! And I was there in that room (all naive, unmarried, and unprepared) right before and after he arrived! How did he get so big? I’m sure it’s not because we’ve been aging–you certainly look just the same.

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