The Children Return

The blog is having an identity crisis. I’ve got blogger’s block. I’m not sure what to write, when to write it, and just plain what the focus of the blog should be. Last night I lay in bed thinking of a story called The Little Blog that Could. That train of thought led me down the path to a whole new world of children’s fiction. A special collection came to mind …

Good Night, Little Blog
Curious Blog
Where the Wild Blogs Are
The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Blog
Goldilocks and the Three Blogs

I could go on.

Maybe not.

Emma, Sarah and Eli

This daring duo is coming for a visit this weekend. They look like trouble to me, but I think Sarah will be safe with them.

Tim’s parents took the children, all five, home with them on Sunday afternoon. They didn’t bring them back until this afternoon.

Reflect on that for just a moment. All five children off with the grandparents. In the middle of the month. No holiday or vacation planned, just a little break for the teacher.

I like to think of it as preventive care for your mom,” Tim told the children. “You know, so we don’t have to check her into the Whispering Pines Home for Homeschooling Mothers.”

time for some calvin and hobbes

Calvin surely drove his mother crazy over the years.

I must admit, it was glorious! Sunday was busy with small group, but Monday was quiet and relaxing. Tim worked from home while I sat nearby finishing up my Bible study, reading online, and not taking care of any children. By the time 2 pm rolled around I had successfully wasted a good portion of the day. Tim took me to Starbucks and treated me to a coffee. That’s surely a date in my book! In the afternoon I went to yoga at the Y. Afterward I decided to be a complete rebel and SKIP Bible study to spend the evening with my husband.


My plan was to use some of the time over these days praying about priorities and general life focus; the blog in particular has been on my mind.

Tuesday, however, I was completely overwhelmed with the urge to clean the house. Before I knew it, I had spent nearly the entire day cleaning. I couldn’t help it. The sun was shining and Tim was off working. No children, responsibilities or husband to distract me. I worked and worked. It was as wonderful to accomplish things around the house on Tuesday as it was to NOT do anything on Monday.

There’s only so much relaxing a girl can handle. Just being alone was a gift.

It all ended this afternoon.

brother love

We’re Home! We’re Home!

Swoosh, in one big rush the kids returned, complete with suitcases, dirty laundry, school books, and lots of energy. After some lunch, snacks, school work, and dinner, the house was restored to its previous messy glory.

Frankly, life was a little boring without all these sweet little ones (and not so little) that I love.

Welcome home, guys!

P.S. I never did spend any time in deep thought or prayer over the blog so the identity crisis rages on.

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11 thoughts on “The Children Return”

  1. I think that series you mentioned sounds sort of imaginative! A variation could be Good Night Little Homeschooler, Curious Homeschooler, The Little Homeschooler that Could, etc.

  2. That’s okay…we forgive you this once,Kathy! ha.ha. How glorious to be by yourself though – hooray! We all need those kind of days – don’t you LOVE them??!!! No husband, no kids – just blessed peace and quiet for a little bit… and then back to the fun chaos of having five kids!

  3. What a blessing! So glad that you had some relaxation and accomplished something to boot.

    I can relate to your blogging dilemma. For me I often have great ideas, but never follow through with them. Then other times I’m convinced that I should give up blogging altogether and concentrate on the life around me. It’s one of those, “Lord, what would You have me do/write? ” Blogging in many ways is a great outlet me, but if it’s just for me, than I need to be able to give it up if God would lead.

    I enjoy your blog for what it is- a picture of your family and God’s work in and through you all. I appreciate seeing your older kids and how they relate to you and your husband. They’re just a step ahead of mine and it encourages me to see where, by God’s grace, we are headed, too. No matter what you decide, thanks for being real.

  4. I couldn’t even imagine how your few days were without the kids. We have never been apart from 5 kids for more than a few hours. I am jealous lol.

  5. I love you ALL. I love the Blog. Anyway, anyform. I love the energy and fun and joy your household exudes. Aunt Kate

  6. Love the storybook titles! So creative!

    I totally understand about bloggy un-inspiration. I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately. But I learned that I can write/blog about whatever is on my mind or heart because, well, it’s my blog. I cannot write for my audience, whomever they might be. I have to write for myself. And also, no pressure. If I miss a day of blogging, oh well.

    Life is busy. We need to keep our priorities in check. God first, then hubby, then kids, then everything else.

    Hugs to you, Kathy! Have a blessed weekend!

  7. I love your “blog titles”….cute.

    It’s been a while since I’ve read blogs, but I always try to check back in with yours. I enjoy it. I hope you feel the inspiration you are looking for with it soon.

    Great new background (though I’m not sure how new it is – LOL).

    What a blessing your in-laws are to give you that break in the midst of the activity. Sounds like you had a nice balance of alone time, couple time, down time and productive time.

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