Happy November!

I can’t help it, I love the holidays. The fall/winter is often rainy and gray here in Washington, but the holidays act like a glorious paintbrush, covering everything with color and an extra touch of joy.

See, I am overcome with poetic rambling. Not very good poetic rambling, but somebody has to ramble, and it’s obviously going to me. Or should that be “I”?

cute trick or treaters

Some of my favorite Halloween/Harvest Carnival kids!

Totally random segue into the topic of shoes. Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of shoes a family with five children has in their closets, hallways and garage corners? I bet I could find half the shoes on shoe hero in my house.

Let’s be conservative (in a very non-political way) and name 4 types of possible shoes a person could own:

Dress shoes
Tennis shoes

Without taking into consideration slippers, snow and rain boots, and the fact that girls are INCAPABLE of having simply one or two pairs of “these are so cute, Mom, I have to have them” shoes, that puts our family at 20 pairs of shoes.

And that’s just the children.

candy runner Dan

What kind of shoes would THIS fellow wear?

Here’s a better look at the Candy Running Army Man.

Shoes are on my mind because it’s been raining the last few days, and promises to continue doing so for another week. As I searched the garage shoe bin this afternoon I realized only one of the five children has rain boots.

Did I mention they are about to pay a little visit to their grandparents’ house?

Grandparents who live out in the country.

Where there are no sidewalks but plenty of puddles.

So, yes, along with the joy of the approaching holidays, I also sense a shoe shopping expedition in our future. Of course, mentioning a shoe store in the children’s presence almost always elicits an immediate response from at least one child:

“Mom, I forgot to tell you:

  • my Sunday shoes are too small,
  • my tennis shoes have a hole in the toe,
  • and I need a pair of (insert adjective here) shoes for my (such and such) class/sport/event.

don't take these two shopping!

Bethany and Rachel could definitely pick out some cute shoes.

It’s enough to make a girl scream!

Or go shopping. I’ve got my eye on this really cute pair of pink and brown rain boots. What do you think? More importantly, where do you store all the shoes??

gotta have them


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10 thoughts on “Happy November!”

  1. I have no answers to your very valid questions, but I do say this: if the children mention all the shoes they need BEFORE the shopping expedition, count yourself blessed!

  2. Shoes are on my mind because it’s been raining the last few days, and promises to continue doing so for another week. As I searched the garage shoe bin this afternoon I realized only one of the five children has rain boots.

  3. Hi Kathy…Oh the shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes!!! There were 6 of us in my family. I shudder to think of what my parents went through trying to keep us all clothed!

    On another note…you are the winner of my giveaway (the Tupperware Vent N Serve mug). Feel free to stop by my blog to see your winnings announced (or just for something else to read). Please email me so I can confirm that you still want the mug and give me your address so I can send it to you! Thanks for playing!!!

  4. Kathy,

    We store our shoes in that plastic cubicle thing that Costco sells. We’ve had it for a year now and it’s holding up very well, it’s washable and scratchable (but doesn’t show the scratches) and it can be added to or taken apart to make it larger or smaller.

    I love your choice of boot! We just bought Abigail a pair at our local Dennis Company store which has those great boots on sale for $16. I like the buckle, especially for serious outdoor areas – easy to put on with jeans and then tighten.

    With all that’s going on in the world it’s nice to stop by here and read such a cheery post by such a great friend and optimistic person!

  5. *giggle* Aint that the truth… in a 3 kid family… I think we have just as many because one of my children (iona) inherited (not from me) a shoe gene that she needs a pair per outfit… and NO I don’t buy them… they just appear (hand me downs from the daughter of the inherited gene).

    Oh and I had a dream about your kids again… LOL This time the oldest boy was in my dreams… and it was funny… I woke up again and said, “A duckabush?!?!” Then I realized he might need some prayers today. So I did :)

  6. LOL.. yep.. we have a shoe problem here as well… work boots, bb shoes, fb cleats, etc…. plus the everyday kinds of shoes. I don’t even want to count how many pairs our family has.

  7. One of my sisters (Leah) has over thirty pairs of shoes. The nice thing about that is that most of the time she doesn’t miss a pair if I need to borrow one.

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