Shall We Party

Tomorrow is David’s birthday party.


A whole bunch of 6, 7, and 8 year olds coming to my house, most of whom will then spend the night. I’m not sure I’m ready. Wait, I know I’m not ready. Thankfully I have a team of workers on hand.

who's that do you suppose?

One of the very best things about our family is the way the children serve each other. They have true hearts of love and celebration for their siblings. I’m not on my own for this Birthday Bash. Oh no, I have Joshua and Daniel on board.

go this way, you birthday punks

See how helpful they are? Ready to point the way.

Joshua has been planning all week, during his free time, for David’s party. As a very busy (and also fighting off a cold) high school freshman, this is quite a gift. He’s got the schedule organized, the clues written and events planned.

“Your job, Mom,” he told me, “is to have a prize at the end of my treasure hunt and food for the kids.”

“Um, a prize? What kind?” I’m easily overwhelmed.

“Don’t worry,” Joshua reassured me, “party favors will work. It doesn’t have to be fancy.”

Whew! See how well I’m cared for. Joshua even has a friend hired to work with him (and Daniel) during the party.

these are my boys!
Maybe some Old Navy party favors?

What a blessing!!

Now to create some party favor bags, figure out food for the party, get ready for co-op tomorrow, and finish cleaning the house. It’s a good thing it’s only 8:45 pm.

Plenty of time left in the evening. :snort:


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4 thoughts on “Shall We Party”

  1. what a gift joshua is giving his younger brother and you. you have raised a wonderful, responsible, godly young man. tho i know you give glory to God, you should also be pleased that God has worked thru you in raising this young man (that was a weirdly worded compliment) must be my cold i’mfighting.

    love your humor!

  2. Have fun at the party! I am not the greatest “kids party” person and my girls are very helpful at planning their own or their siblings’ parties.

  3. LOL. *ONLY* 8:45 p.m…. you go girl.. I’m not worth much at that time of the night.

    Isn’t it great when the kids are old enough and willing to be a significant source of help!

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