Happy Birthday David!

Happy Birthday, David!

a knight in training

Grandma made this incredible knight outfit. David is ready for battle!

Some children should NOT be allowed to grow up. They should remain seven year olds and not rush off and turn eight. We tried and tried to tell David he was one of those special kids. We regaled him with tales of how wonderful seven is, no need to move on, we said.

my three sons

“Raise Your Swords!” “All for one and one for all!”

Would he listen?

No, but then we have an obstinate bunch here at our place. Daniel is planning on turning 12 in April and Sarah seems to think she’ll leave six behind in July.

Ungrateful wretches.

your majesty!

Daniel was a good servant to His Majesty, David, today.

As if we raise them to grow up. Sniff. Whoever put that kind of thinking into their heads.

“Let them eat cake,” I say. That’ll show them.

time for cake!

tasty indeed

David requested a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Good taste!

I guess we’ll let David turn eight. There doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. He is a wonderful boy and a delight to our family.

Joshua reads another book.

games they played

Joshua gave David the gift of quality time today. He played with him outside, read him numerous books, let him pick the board game of his choice, and, most importantly, let David hit and shoot him at will all day. If that isn’t brotherly love, I don’t know what is.

David makes friends easily, laughs heartily, forgives quickly, and loves deeply. A well-beloved son. Happy birthday you 8 year old!


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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday David!”

  1. Happy Birthday David!!! I remember visiting the Duckabush to see this adorable new baby boy. Have a great day!!!

  2. David, happy birthday a day late. That is the coolest knight outfit. I should maybe think about learning to be creative….can you learn that? ::snort:: I make my 7 yo boy run around in cereal boxes…

    Kathy, lovely photos and blog.

    I’m still holding out hope to meet in real life sometime. I figure if you met a friend of mine in real life, Marie, then it must be plausible that we shall get orders to your neck of the woods sometime….don’t ya think? LOL

  3. I have a little girl who would LOVE the knight outfit. AWESOME.

    Happy Birthday, David.

    By the way, our youngest turns 8 in 25 days (she’s keeping track).

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