You Can’t Hide Your Lying Scales

One of the things God hates is ‘lying scales’, and I can begin to see why.

The LORD abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight. – Proverbs 11:1

… or again, a few chapters later:

The LORD detests differing weights, and dishonest scales do not please him. – Proverbs 20:23

Back in November, I began a weight-loss plan, with the goal of losing 28 pounds by May 20. Enjoying some early success (and a little discouragement), I managed to stay ‘below the line’ on my goal graph for the first three months or so.

Stepping onto the scale Wednesday morning, my toes curled as I tried to brace myself for the worst. I’ve thrown caution to the winds the last two or three weeks, enjoying large portions and lots of sweets with wild abandon, as Kathy’s folks were in town. I stopped recording my calories and my visits to the local YMCA faded into hazy memory.

Goal Graph
So much for being ‘below the line’.

In spite of this mental preparation, I was dismayed to see the numbers: 225.4. Yikes! Up more than two pounds in just a week!

I stepped off, restarted the scale, and stepped on again: 225.6.

The numbers were not moving in the direction I had hoped.

Now, with a 2.2 pound weight gain since last week, I have no choice but to return to a more disciplined approach to eating.

It is sometimes strange to me that discipline appears to be a zero-sum-game, in my life. When I exert self-discipline in one area (like my finances), I seem less willing to simultaneously exert myself in another area (e.g. weight-loss). Keeping all the areas of my life in order often seems as futile as that old arcade favorite, Whack-A-Mole.

It is a remarkably satisfying game, perhaps because so many of us fail in real life.

In general, successful discipline in one area of life is transferable to another, so maybe the problem is my flesh, pathetically using the excuse that it is ‘weary’ of self-control. Let’s not look too closely at that, shall we?

Valentine's Day Cookies
Naturally, at a time when I am struggling, Kathy makes Chocolate Chip Cookies.

When I began this weight-loss program, I very much wanted to succeed, and so I asked for people who would pray at least 4 times a week, that I would actually exercise some discipline and lose weight. I try not to be delusional; there is no particular reason that I should be successful in losing weight after all these years of being, er, fat.

M and M sorting
Not wanting people to know she used old, Christmas M&M’s, Kathy had Daniel sort out all the green ones.

In exchange for their prayers, I promised to pray for those folks every day (with one day off each week). For the most part, I have nearly kept that promise, specifically praying for those ten people, five days a week. So if you are one of those who promised to pray for me and have slacked off, please be reminded: I desperately need your prayers to succeed at this.


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7 thoughts on “You Can’t Hide Your Lying Scales”

  1. Lord, I ask that You will give Tim the encouragement and motivation he needs to keep pursuing this. May he continue to see good progress in the areas he is working so hard to succeed in. Bless his efforts and keep him going strong. Amen.


  2. I will pray for you Tim!!! I will pray that the fruit of self control wells up in you and that your resolve becomes clear every morning as you start your day. You can do it!!! We can do it!!!

  3. You can succeed Tim!!
    “Total health is cumulative” – my favorite quote. I hope it helps you remember that each day’s good choices will add up eventually and keep moving forward.

    I’m praying for you, and for your family.

    (Hi Kathy!)

  4. I am praying for you and me, but ALWAYS appreciate the reminder!! THANKS, dear Timothy. Le’ts not give up-we have the ressurection power on our side!

    I love you, Aunt kate

  5. I had quite a laugh over Kathy’s green and red m/m’s.

    I needed this post, Tim. Thanks. I get weary of “doing the right things” and seeing the weight fly off at the amazing rate of 1/2 a lb a week. LOL I’ll keep praying and plugging….you do the same. We can win this one.

    Praying for you.

  6. I don’t know why it’s so hard to be diligent on many fronts at the same time, but I’m the same as you… diligent in many areas that probably don’t matter as much as health in the long range scope of life… I try to remind myself that I HAVE to be here for my kids and I really really want to be here to see my grandkids and be a “healthy” grandma able to participate in all the activities my grandkids will invite me to participate in.. and it isn’t going to happen unless I immediately start to take care of myself! It’s actually a sobering thought to consider that no one has done this to me but myself… and I will be the only one to blame if I can’t enjoy my grandkids the way I’d like.. or worse yet am not even here to meet them!

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