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I’ve got some delicious chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. It’s 11:30 pm, but surely that’s not too late to bake cookies. Tim and I had a fun idea for our Sunday School class tomorrow and fresh baked cookies are part of our scheme.

I love this 8 year old!

David loves my chocolate chip cookies.

But then is there ever a time when fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (with a scattering of butterscotch chips) aren’t welcome.

Maybe at a Weight Watchers meeting.

bunch of park cuties

This is not an actual Weight Watchers Meeting.

These, of course, are made with half whole wheat flour. Or rather white whole wheat. What does that even mean? Does anyone know? It’s a type of King Arthur flour and it’s actually called white whole wheat. Interesting. I’m hoping it means I can use it in chocolate chip cookies and no one will fuss about the whole wheat texture/flavor.

We’ll see.

chocolate trail mix

These are not my chocolate chip cookies.

On Thursday nights, when I should be working on homeschool co-op prep and getting ready for a good night’s sleep, I am often overcome with an irresistible urge to bake. It’s not logical. It’s not helpful. It is, however, very tasty. Last week I made cinnamon crispies – basically an incredibly sweet and delicious cinnamon roll. I discovered the recipe on a blog. Go now and check it out. Your family will rise up and call you blessed.

Of course, they’ll also need to spend some time at that Weight Watcher meeting, but the cinnamon crispies are worth it.

This week I made up a huge batch of chocolate Chex mix. We had some at our Debt Free party and the kids have been raving over the leftovers ever since.

“I’m addicted to trail mix. Did I ever tell you that?” Joshua said to me several times during the week.

What’s a mother to do? Obviously she should wait until the last minute on Thursday night and make trail mix.

I’m sure you all agree.

Now, it turns out that my three older children are very particular about what they like in their trail mix. Or rather, what they DON’T like in their chex mix. The basic mix consists of: Chex cereal, Cheerios, nuts (this time it was peanuts and cashews), pretzels, a little bit of M&M’s, and dried fruit. As this was a “muddy” trail mix I melted chocolate and peanut butter chips and drizzled them over the entire thing, stirring gently.

Joshua likes raisins but not craisins.
Daniel likes craisins but not raisins.
Rachel likes craisins but not raisins or pretzels.

Daniel's Special Day

Tim, it has been revealed, likes any and all trail mix. Preferably the kind with lots of chocolate.

Hmmm, not a problem I decided. I pulled out several large bowls, divided out the ingredients and made individual recipes of mix per child. I did have to verify the preferences several times but after a little bit of work I had trays full of Just My Favorite Chex mix for the kids.

From there I went on to make banana chocolate chip muffins.

Please don’t ask me how many hours of sleep I routinely get on a typical Thursday night. It’s not pretty. Thankfully my Fridays include plenty of strong coffee and many other blessings.

If you have any suggestions for what I should make this week, do share. I like to bring some sort of treat or goodie to my co-op classes. You know, to bribe the teenagers into doing their work and thinking I’m a cool teacher.

It’s mostly working. They haven’t fired me yet.


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7 thoughts on “The Unnamed Post”

  1. Individualized trail mix – we have the same problem, so we just set out the naked ingredients and the poor mistreated children have to mix their OWN, and they don’t get drizzled chocolate either.
    For this week’s co-op baking, I was going to suggest something like brussels sprouts, but then I read the part about bribing teenagers. Hmmm. If they don’t do their work, they have to eat brussels sprouts! Might not be a big success.
    Fired you? Like that would ever happen, even if you DO bring brussels sprouts! I’m sure you are a cool teacher.

  2. Wow – individualized trail mix. YOU are supermom.

    Whole Wheat White flour – is UNBLEACHED first of all. There are various varieties of wheat – soft and hard…..and then red and white. Red is what most think of when they hear “whole wheat”…it can be a bit bitter, it’s heavier. Hard White is high protein so it will RISE will in things like bread….and it doesn’t have the heavy or bitter taste that some find distasteful in “whole wheat”. My main wheat is Prairie Gold – which is a hard white. Soft white is a pastry flour…..and some mix it and hard red or white for cookies and such. I use a mixture of hard white, soft white and 7 grain mix in my bread…..and hard white for most everything else.

    I still can’t find a place to buy wheat berries in Japan and I’m likely to forget all I know about grain and baking bread by the time I come home. LOL Remind me then – ok?

  3. Aren’t you sweet to make individualized snacks for each of your kids. My kids are doing good if I make anything let alone each of their favorites (LOL).

  4. I made those Cinnamon Crispies for breakfast yesterday and the kids loved them! Thanks for posting about them. I got sucked into her blog and read for a while yesterday-bad mom.LOL Everything was forgiven after those



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