Swim Meet

This warm sunny day found half of our family INSIDE. Tragic, really. Joshua and Rachel had a swim meet this afternoon. Was it at the local outdoor pool? No! The lake? No! There we were in our bathing suits. Okay, we weren’t in our bathing suits (surely it’s not swim suit weather YET) but the kids were. Still, there was water, splashing, lounge chairs (I brought my own) and nary a bottle of sunscreen in sight.

To Swim or Not to Swim
You have to ask yourself, what I’m not sure, but something.


Okay, surely I jest.

David is armed!
David managed to get outside for most of the day.

We had a wonderful afternoon! The children and I set off for points south/west, leaving Tim at home to run errands and work on the car. We picked up Joshua’s team mate and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine, windows rolled down and music blaring.

Rachel my swimming girl!

You go, girl!
Rachel is a very determined swimmer. She rocks!

Along the way we met up with some friends and dropped off David, Daniel and Sarah. They had a glorious time playing all afternoon with dear friends who moved out into the country several years ago. Thank you, Jennifer, for letting the kids descend upon your home and disrupt your relaxing Saturday.

First stop into town … Starbucks! Whew, nothing like a morning without coffee to whet the appetite for some caffeine. We found the YMCA without any problems. Hooray for GPS technology! I’ll have to work much harder to get lost. Of course, I’m talented that way.

daniel and adam
Daniel and Adam had knives, bows/arrows, and the makings of a fun day.

I managed to secure a front-row spot on the pool deck. Rachel and Joshua each swam in four events. They did great! I’m so proud of them. They are cheerful participants, respectful kids, supportive teammates, and good sports (whether they win or lose). I prayed hard during each of their events that they would swim with strength and endurance.

Joshua goes for it

Swim fast, big guy!

Does the boy ever breathe??
Joshua challenged himself in this meet. Great job, Joshua!!

What a privilege it is to be a mom of these 5 blessings!

On the way home we stopped back through Starbucks.

“Hey, this is just like deja vu,” the barista said to me, “except it’s later in the day.”
“Um, yeah, I’m faithful customer,” I mumbled. Just hand me the coffee, sir, I’ve got a long drive home.

Smiling - swim meet is over!

Ah, we’re smiling easy, now that the meet is over.

More sunshine and mountain views on the way home, this time minus the extra swimmer (parents picked him up), but with the addition of Sarah’s 6 year old buddy (for an unexpected overnight). Everyone was hungry and tired. Signs of a full day?


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8 thoughts on “Swim Meet”

  1. Glorious water pictures, dear Katherine. Go, swimmers!!

    I love you Edgrens! and I miss you!! Aunt Kate

  2. Way to go, Edgren Swim Team! :) Josh…I thought the caption really should have been, ‘Wonder if the Kuhlmann’s grass needs mowing yet?’ ha! Rachel….LOVE the pic of you in the lilac tree – Beautiful!! :) Can’t wait to come to a meet that’s a little closer…keep us posted! Love you all!

  3. Love your water background! I miss our synchro swim meet days! and LOL about the starbucks! I’ve been cutting back… probably will try to do have only 1 a month…

  4. I’ll have you know that I swam 6 events, four individual and two relays. Rachel didn’t have to swim in any relays because the rest of her relay team was absent.

    You would think that my own mother would get these facts straight.

  5. Hey Kath. Jodi is excited to see the Edgren swimmers, but quite bummed that they are on the other side of the country and “Coach Jodi” can’t coach them.

    Glad to see they are enjoying the sport. We fill many a Weekend (fri night, Sat and Sunday) inside on perfectly sunny days for swim meets. I can feel your pain. The joy of watching jodi coach and the Kids succed and push themselves to new levels always makes up for the missing vitamin D.

    Headed to the pool in 10 min for practice.

    We miss you guys. Blessings to all.

  6. Love the new background! Makes me want to go swimming myself?
    Josh, do you swim the butterfly? Zach was particularly good at that one.
    Wish we could come cheer you on.

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