Last night I loaded the latest pictures onto the computer; 457 of them, taken between the 13th and the 26th of May. Ah, I think I finally have enough fresh shots in my collection to do some blogging. I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Mother’s Day
New bread recipes
And so on…

But first, let’s look at some highlights from AWANA.

Sparks Gentlemen

Joshua and Timothy were awesome leaders for the 1st and 2nd graders.

Our busy activities are winding down. Homeschool co-op finished several weeks ago. Whew! My Thursday nights are unbelievably stress-free without the teacher prep scramble for co-op. The kids miss seeing their friends every week as do I, but it’s delightful to have a break from the responsibilities and extra work.

Way to go!!

AWANA also ended this month. Last night Tim, Daniel and Joshua went to a “Thank You” dinner for the leaders. Joshua helped all year with the Sparkies and Daniel worked in the games. They have beautiful servant hearts. It’s a joy to see them develop their gifts and minister to others. I’m proud of them!!

Honoring Dan

Daniel was given the Sacred Whistle for his role as Game Assistant.

David and Sarah had a great year in AWANA. They both worked diligently to memorize their verses and complete their books. I’m impressed with their ability to learn God’s Word and hide it in their hearts. I pray that it will be a blessing to them their entire lives.

sarah and the girls

Sarah LOVES Caedie and Jaalah.

One of the sweetest things in parenting is to watch the children develop close friendships with each other (as siblings) and with other families. We have been extraordinarily blessed over the years to have wonderful friends. I do not take it lightly, for granted, or without a significant measure of THANKS as I think of the amazing people God has brought into our lives.

brother and sister

Eli and Emma are some of our bestest friends.


Alex and David ruled the Yellow Team!

I am so grateful for our church and all the faithful servants who give of their time, energy and devotion to the youngest members of the congregation.

More to follow soon (I hope).

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4 thoughts on “AWANA Recap”

  1. Wonderful blessings- thanks for sharing! Your grateful heart pleases the Lord.

    I love you! Aunt Kate

  2. Sadly, Awana (or any other children’s midweek program) is something that our kids didn’t get to participate in living clear out here in the boonies. Looks like a great program! I can sure relate to the nice break summer brings from co-op responsibilities!

  3. yay! an update!!! i have photos to upload too. can’t wait to hear more from your family. my last post was “why is may such a busy month?” good title, huh?

  4. What a fabulous group of AWANA clubbers (and leaders) you have this year :) !

    (We’re looking forward to giving AWANA a go next fall!)


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