Where Has the Sunshine Gone?

Seriously, I’m wondering if we’ll have gray clouds for the whole month week. The younger kids and I went to the Space Needle yesterday. It rained the entire drive to Seattle, but then the sun burst forth while we were on the observatory deck of the Space Needle. There is something so delicious about standing in the sunshine! By the time we returned home it was gray and cloudy again. At least we’re consistent.

birthday gift

An awesome birthday gift from Daniel’s favorite cousin.

No, I didn’t take any pictures. Sigh. Completely forgot my camera. I did remember coffee and snacks for the kids, so you can obviously see where my priorities lie these days. Ha!

ice cream pie

An ice cream pie creation by Tim and Daniel for the birthday party.

I think I need some fresh inspiration in my photography. Any ideas? Perhaps a class. I wonder if I could fit that into our crazy schedule. Oh, did I mention that Daniel has recently joined Rachel and Joshua in being a member of the YMCA swim team? Lots of swimming going on in our family. Never a dull moment!

Despite our clouds and cool weather, the garden has begun. We’ll have tomatoes and lettuce this summer!!

the garden begins...


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9 thoughts on “Where Has the Sunshine Gone?”

  1. We have it here in VA too. No apologies from us though. We had already started on our ARK and are excited to put that chore away for now. We prefer to pull out the tank tops and bikes and hit the trails.

  2. I still can’t believe your kids are swimming on the other side of the continent!!!AHHHHH!!!!! Well we could always discuss some arranged marriages again since they will definitely have that and their love for the Lord in common. Shall we start negotiations :) Jordan turns 15 in 2 weeks.

  3. Yeah, I’m ready for some sunshine too! Funny you should mention the space needle, the other night (I don’t remember which) I had a dream that Sarah and I were at your house and we made a trip to the space needle! Only Sarah and I went on top of it! scary! I almost fell off!!

  4. We don’t have any sunshine lately here, either. But things are green and gorgeous anyway.

    Fun to see the Space Needle. I was there once!

    Love you sweet swimming Edgrens. Aunt Kate

  5. I’m beginning to wonder if we’re ever going to have any warm days for more than 1-2 in a row (LOL). It’s raining again tonight. We had rain mixed with snow a couple of days ago early in the a.m. At least it’s warming up during the day now.

  6. About the photography block. One time I joined PhotoHunters for a summer. It was fun to creatively find a shot for the weekly word.

  7. Hey Girlie!
    I popped over to peek into Edgren-land! WOW I CAN not believe how the kids have grown. What a lovely family you have. So sweet ! I hope we will have a chance to connect this summer…Maybe this will be the summer to do our “photography shoot”(love saying that it makes me feel like a really awesome photographer HA!) Good to check in with you drop me a note sometime :o) Heather

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