Sweet Sixteen

I know, this blog post is supposed to be about today, or at least, the photo is supposed to be taken on or near this day, otherwise, what is the point of a Project 365 blog?

Rules, or at least the following of them, have never been my forte.

This picture was taken near Rachel’s 16th birthday, back in December. Some dear friends loaned us their cool bus (pictured below) and Rachel took a group (gaggle?) of girls up to Bellevue Square to window shop. We decorated the bus, stocked it with goodies, but we still needed a driver.

Fearless Driver
The birthday girl and her driver

“There’s no way I’m going,” I bluffed, trying to look like I was really digging in my heels. “Shopping with a dozen girls, in Bellevue? That’s not really my scene.” I was weakening, and Rachel knew it. She gave me her ‘please, may I have a kitten?’ look, which she has been practicing for years.

I began to panic. Six or eight hours driving and shopping didn’t sound like much fun to me. “Wait, what about Michelle?” I blurted. (There’s nothing like a good panic to get the ‘ole brain cells firing.) “She loves to drive, and she’s a girl, so she probably doesn’t mind shopping!”

A few text messages later, Michelle was on the hook to drive the bus. What a great friend. Thanks, Michelle! And a special thank-you to our dear friends, who loaned us their bus, and didn’t even fuss when we blew out a fuse with our hot-water pot!

A gaggle o' girls
Rachel has a nice group of friends.

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