Morning Manna

Once a quarter the women’s ministry at our church hosts Morning Manna – a Saturday brunch where the women have the opportunity to gather, meet new people, hear from one of the ladies within the church body, and enjoy some time of delicious food, fellowship and laughter.

For some reason Sarah decided she wanted to go with me to this morning’s brunch. “That’s a great idea,” I enthused, “why don’t we call Caden and see if she and Mrs. B. would like to join us.” I think there is something appealing (even intriguing) to a young girl about the congregation of women.

And so we see the next generation of godly women...

Sarah and Caden were perfect additions to the morning – they joined in on the Compliment Your Neighbor table mixer, they cheerfully ate the breakfast, and they sat quietly during the talk.

Krystal & Caden - more mother and daughter Morning Manna girls.

What a joy to spend some special time with Sarah. Just this week I had shared with a friend some struggles I was having with Sarah and expressed my desire to carve out some one-on-one opportunities with her. How kind of God to, so quickly, provide the perfect outing. Rachel and I have developed a sweet rhythm of shopping and running errands together, but Sarah is usually content to stay home and play or brings her beloved buddy/brother, David, with her and therefore we don’t have a consistent pattern of mother-daughter time.

Matching Purple Girls

Our speaker, Drea (Rurban Family Blog) did a beautiful job of sharing the story of her courtship (this was a Valentine’s Day themed brunch, afterall) and outlined her upcoming role as missionary/pastor’s wife. She and her husband Carl are leaving at the end of this month, with their four children, to work with Village Missions. We love this dedicated, faithful family and will miss them dearly!

Esther - two days old and already involved in Women's Ministry!

Of course, what would a women’s ministry event be without some sort of silliness? I don’t know how I keep getting talked into skits (big and small), but they are a lot of fun. Thankfully I can always find a willing victim, I mean friend, to join me on stage. This time Michelle and I ad-libbed our way through some announcements.

The Girl With All the Problems & the Girl With All the Answers

I am incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life.

Michelle can always be counted on - for friendship, support and fun!

I hope I am modeling to my daughters how to find and be a good friend. I am definitely a work in progress, and God is constantly shaping and growing me.

Marion and Nancy have greatly enriched my life.

Sarah had such a delightful time, that she asked if she can please go to the next Morning Manna in May. I’m sure laughing along with her mother’s silly skit (or was that laughing AT her mother?) added to the fun of the morning. I loved having her by my side: sharing with her the joy of women gathering together in the House of the Lord, training in manners and etiquette, modeling being involved and serving at church, and just plain growing closer as mother and daughter.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30


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  1. Sarah – I LOVED having you with me for Morning Manna. I’m sorry Rachel had company and couldn’t join us. Next time we need to make it an all girl event!

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