A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

With Kathy and Rachel still away in Michigan, our Sunday afternoon had a bit less structure than usual. Kathy often comes home from church with a bee in her bonnet, as it were, to ‘get some stuff done before the week starts’.

I, on the other hand, view Sundays as a day of rest, especially after teaching Sunday School, which always takes a bit out of me. I’m usually thinking in terms of:

  • A nice lunch, maybe grilled sandwiches
  • Some good computer-game playing
  • A read-aloud (these days we’re working our way through some of Tolkien’s work, courtesy of Joshua)
  • Pancakes or other breakfast food for dinner
  • A family movie

Cats know how to get the most out of a Sunday afternoon

Sarah asked me about the ‘meetings’ we’ve been doing with each child, lately, on Sunday afternoons. “We can’t MISS a week, can we?” She sounded rather plaintive — Sarah really enjoys the focused attention of her parents.

“Nope — can’t do it without Mom,” I assured her, breezily.

After a couple of us got back from helping some friends move from one apartment to another, Joshual and Daniel worked on their school, while David and Sarah amused themselves with the dress-up chest. Joshua did read us a chapter from The Fellowship of the Ring, but mostly we just snacked on leftovers and played computer games. The younger set watched Cars 2, and I logged in some serious hours on my new Civilization V game. It was a good Sunday.

Charles and Margaret paid us a brief visit.

At some point, preferably BEFORE Kathy gets home, someone is going to have to do some dishes and laundry. But the sink faucet is broken again, which makes things a little tricky with respect to washing dishes. Or at least, that’s my excuse.


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2 thoughts on “A Quiet Sunday Afternoon”

  1. That kitty definitely has the Right Idea about Sunday.
    I see that WNW bandana! Nice glove, too, D. And Sarah, the veil is especially mysterious. Or is it even Sarah?!

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