Restraint and Aggravation

Kathy is off at a bored board meeting for the homeschool co-op, and so she asked me if I could guest-blog for her.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are two of my latest artistic compositions, with faux-artsy titles, worth two-thousand:





Enough said.

Project 365, Day 104

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7 thoughts on “Restraint and Aggravation”

  1. Oh dear! This is not good. :(
    On a side note: when I saw the title I was thinking….that’s EXACTLY what I was feeling at that Board mtg this evening. >:{
    I really wished you were there……

    1. Another side note: Your wife does an AMAZING job of leading that group. :) Not enough to stay on it….but I do love her. bwaaahaaahaaa!

  2. I’m confused. Why were two biscuits left uneaten long enough to be photographed? They bore no visible blemishes or burns. I saw nothing but golden light-and-flaky perfection. What is the meaning of this strange anomaly?

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