Teacher Appreciation

I FEEL appreciated!!

I FEEL appreciated!!

Today was the last day of our co-op classes. The highly anticipated student government elections went fantastic!! I’ll post pictures tomorrow. David’s campaign was successful and he won the position of Treasurer for next year.

Congratulations, David!!!!

It was an emotional day at co-op as one of my closest friends is facing the transition of her youngest to private high school next year. SOB! We have homeschooled together for many years and I have LOVED sharing this journey with her. This was her last day at co-op. I’m pretty much in denial over what it will be like next year without her there at co-op.

In the meantime some of the students from my class spoiled me with little Teacher Appreciation Gifts! Tim was wiped out from a long day and bad allergies, so I offered to post a picture of my special treats for the Project 365 Blog.

Does that mean he writes tomorrow or I write again? Hmmmm. We’ll see.

Project 365 – Day 107

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