Sunshine and Voting Booths

I haven’t been getting much sleep these days. It’s been a full week with Daniel’s Chick-Fil-A dedication dinner on Monday, a homeschool Board meeting on Tuesday, Daniel’s birthday (I never get tired of watching his “NO WAY!” video about the new car – hee hee), and then a busy day of election prep.

Coffee always makes the work more pleasant.

The necessary tools for our work (including coffee).

Tomorrow we have our Student Government elections – I promise I will take a bunch of pictures and post the results!! The kids are giving speeches in the morning, setting up the voting area during second period and voting at lunch. Exciting!

All of which means I had to figure out some sort of voting booth to use. If I had planned ahead, I could have ordered this cardboard voting booth for only $17.

Maybe we'll get these for next year!

Maybe we’ll get these for next year!

But that would have required planning ahead, which is not my greatest strength. Plus, I’m sure the shipping costs would have been prohibitive.

Thankfully I have wonderful friends who are talented and creative. Krystal and Marion came over (one bringing me coffee – yes, I have the best friends EVER!!) and helped me plan out how we could transform some tri-fold display boards into mock voting booths.

Later in the afternoon, another sweet friend invited me to come and work outside on her patio IN THE SUNSHINE! Ahhhh. Not only did Michelle let me fix myself a big mug of coffee, but she proceeded to help me glue/tape paper onto the six display boards.

Coffee and Friends - perfect together!

Coffee and Friends – perfect together!

We used an entire can of spray adhesive, a roll of double-sided table, and nearly a whole container of glue trying to fix up these display boards. Meanwhile the kids decided it was summer and proceeded to have a massive squirt gun war complete with hoses. We are all enjoying these sunny, warm days.

This was BEFORE they got soaking wet fighting the boys!

This was BEFORE they got soaking wet fighting the boys!

And tomorrow we vote! Stay tuned!

Project 365 – Day 106

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  1. I love your passion for all you do, My Friend. <3 I'm amazed at how capabale you are at everything you set your mind to….. (with just a little help from a friend called coffee….) :)

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