Handyman Victorious

I’ve been called many things in my life. Some of them have been positive. Some, not so much. But one thing people never call me: a Handyman.

There is a good reason for this. I have a certain anti-genius when it comes to fixing things or building things (except for decks). When I get involved in a home project, you can expect that you will be paying for materials twice and STILL end up hiring someone to do it properly.

But there is one force in my character that is even stronger than my handyman ineptitude: I am very reluctant to pay money for something I could (even potentially) do myself. So this morning, I decided to remove our dishwasher, which broke down a few days ago. As it turns out, dishwashers cannot simply be wrenched out from under the counter, but are attached to the rest of the house in three fiendish ways: a water intake tube, a water drain, and electrical wires. Removing each took a lot of patience and effort in cramped (and damp) places.

Not a face that inspires confidence ...

Not a face that inspires confidence …

Somehow, I persevered, and removed the dishwasher without (a) damaging the house, or (b) electrocuting myself, even though the copper water tube was VERY hard to detach, and the electrical plug had to be un-wired (it wasn’t a simple matter of unplugging it).

It was a pretty good day. We bought the new dishwasher (a swanky Bosch model), but (of course) it was in the warehouse, and we’ll have to wait a week or so for delivery. I can hardly wait for it to arrive, so I can amaze you all with my installation prowess. Stay tuned.

Project 365, Day 115

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