Haircut Time

I feel I should apologize for writing so many blog posts about Rachel, but really, when she and Joshua are off at college, we write almost exclusively about David, Sarah, and Daniel. Therefore, some would say I have to double up on Rachel to give her fair representation.

"I leave for a few months, and you forget me.  Sigh."

“I leave for a few months, and you forget me. Sigh.”

Poor Joshua, he comes home tomorrow for a week. I guess every Project 365 will be centered on his TOO SHORT visit.

So excited to have him home!!!!

Things are coming to a close for the year. We celebrated the final AWANA ceremony this week. Our homeschool co-op ended several weeks ago. David and Sarah’s TPS (online) classes finished up this week. Their only remaining assignment is a final math test. Sarah completed her spelling today, and both kids did their last lessons of health. Wow! Love it when the end of a fabulous, but long, year is in sight. Ahhhh.

I slipped out of the house early this morning for coffee and a quick visit with two friends. The kids did school, then Rachel and I went to the salon for a summer haircut. A friend from church gave me a referral to her hair salon which came with an incredible discount on a cut.

This is as close to a before as I remembered to take.

Forgot to take a “before” picture. This is “in the middle.”

The stylist was so helpful – she pulled up a little footstool so I could sit with Rachel while she got her hair cut and styled, gave helpful advice about style and length, and did a GREAT job on Rachel’s cut.

Love the clip!

Love the clip!

Always enjoy outings with my oldest girl!

Always enjoy outings with my oldest girl!

Rachel celebrated her gorgeous new look with two handsome young men. Okay, they were 3 and 6, but still, I’m sure they really appreciated Rachel getting a makeover before babysitting. :)

David is jealous of Rachel’s new look. He wants a haircut himself and has been asking me for several days now (in his very respectful, typical David manner). Somehow the days keep zipping to an end with NO hair cut. Sorry, buddy. Tomorrow?

Does the hair add to his height?



Rachel isn’t ready for her younger siblings to get taller than her.

Um, I don't think that works, Rach.

Um, I don’t think that works, Rach.

Tomorrow we will get the house cleaned up for Joshua’s arrival. Always a good excuse to make everyone clean. Ooops, did I say that out loud?

Project 365 – Day 142

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5 thoughts on “Haircut Time”

  1. You make me smile, Kathy! OK, laugh, not just smile. Love it that you’ll have all your “chicks” in the nest, even if it will be over too quickly. Enjoy!!

  2. No apologies needed. The older Gherkins joke about entering the blog zone…and if I haven’t seen them for a bit of time, I’m shameless about stalking their FB pages and blogs, grabbing photos and doing an update. LOL I love the new look, Rachel.

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