Girl’s Night Out

Hello, it’s Rachel again. Wait, don’t go, my mom asked me to blog, okay? Today my mother has been extremely busy organizing, cleaning, and rearranging our home. Sarah has been kindly helping her all day. What a blessing it is to have a mother who works so hard to make our house a home. She strives to create a welcoming atmosphere where fellowship and hospitality is not only encouraged, but demonstrated. I hope to someday be as gracious of a wife and mother as she has shown herself to be.

My dearest friend from WA, Jenny, graced our home with her presence this weekend. (This is literally the second time I’ve seen her & I’ve been home for a month so she’s lucky I still love her.) But, bitterness aside, any time spent with her is wonderful. We spent the day together – running errands, cleaning, playing cards, laughing, and enjoying each other. Unexpectedly, we both had the evening free and decided to have a “date night.” We dressed up (heels, dresses, hair, the works,) and headed out on an adventure.

Our outfits may clash, but we don't. ;)

Our outfits may clash, but we don’t. ;)

Sarah was kind enough to take a few photos of the “finished product.” (I don’t normally dress up, ok? It has to be duly documented when it happens.)

We love to laugh almost as much as we love each other.

We love to laugh almost as much as we love each other.

We ended up in Steilacoom right as the sun was setting. We ate at a little bar & grill located near the water. Sitting at a little corner booth near the window, we simultaneously joked and discussed life. (What best friends are supposed to do, right?)



We ordered a delicious slice of cheesecake and two cups of coffee. (Also delicious.) What a fun treat for both of us.

Isn't she so pretty? (The cheesecake is pretty too though.)

Isn’t she so pretty? (The cheesecake is pretty too though.)

What a joy it is to have this wonderful woman in my life. Jenny, today was an absolute dream, and it wasn’t because of the cheesecake. It was because of your sense of humor, your compassionate heart, your positive attitude, your brilliant mind, and your beautiful soul. You have been my best friend for 10+ years and I never want to give you up.




Project 365 – Day 170

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  1. so sweet and touching!! When I think of Steilacoom, I think of it at sunset, thanks to Grandpa taking us there on summer evenings when the kids were little, to watch the train go by!

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