A Sequoia Side Detour

Sarah and I got a call from Tim and Daniel this afternoon.

Tim: “We’re looking for the Sequoia National Park. We don’t have good coverage, so can you look it up online and tell us where to go?”

Me: “Wait, where are you? I thought you’re taking Daniel to school.”

Tim: “There’s time for that later. We’re driving away from the coast now. That’s why I’m calling you. Help us out.”

Me: “Um, okay, what do you want to know?”

Tim: “We want to see big trees. Something impressive, but we only have a few hours, so we’re not too picky.”

LOL! No problem. I’ll get right on it.

Google Search – Big Trees, Sequoia National Forest.

Daniel knows how to pose.

General Sherman tree is 275′ and weighs 4.1 million pounds. Yikes!

Tim - a tree hugger wannabe.

Tim – a tree hugger wannabe.

Looks like they found something worth seeing.



As Tim says, there's just no way that a picture can really do justice to these amazing sights.

As Tim says, there’s just no way that a picture can really do justice to these amazing sights.

Daniel – you are heading for greatness!

Living Large!

Living Large!

Tomorrow they’ll try to fit in something mundane like college.

Project 365 – Day 235

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3 thoughts on “A Sequoia Side Detour”

  1. Wait, I am supposed to take Daniel to college? Hold on a second, there’s some kind of ruckus with a customs inspector.

    “Si, we are both US citizens. No, neither of us have ever been to Panama before. Si. Gracias.”

    OK, where was I? Oh, yes, I was explaining what happened to Daniel’s college plans. After the Sequoia expedition was such a smashing success, we realized neither of us had ever been to Cape Horn …

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