December (Advent) Begins

As 2015 races to a close, I find myself with a little bit of time. I’m not going to make any blogging promises or firm commitments, but I do think I have time, interest and energy to end the year with a final attempt at Project 365 blogging.

Sarah loves to read the blog.  She's one of my biggest Project 365 fans.

Sarah loves to read the blog. She’s one of my biggest Project 365 fans.

I love, love, love the wonder of the Advent season. I love anticipating Christmas. It makes me smile to come up with creative ways to make December special for my family. And we savor the coming celebration of Jesus’ birth a little more as we practice the daily Advent gift exchange. I’ve written about our family’s Advent celebrations before.

2008 Advent Ice Cream Outing w/Dad
2007 Advent Thoughts
2007 Advent Ideas

Tim and I have an unspoken agreement – I handle all the kids’ Advent treats as well as his and he fills my Advent calendar box.

Sometimes the little items are too big to fit into my small Advent box. Thankfully there is a lovely stocking right nearby, perfect for holding larger treats..

Tasty Advent treat

Tasty Advent treat

Ah, cheese popcorn and Starbucks Via – the way to my heart. Even Marco approves.

"Where's my Advent treat, lady?"

“Where’s my Advent treat, lady?”

Last year I sent Advent boxes to Joshua and Rachel at college, as well as their two cousins and Joshua’s girlfriend (now wife!). It was fun to come up with creative (different) things to give to each person – that would all fit in a small box.

Project 365 – Day 335 (Dec 1)

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