Warning – Catch Up Blogs A’Coming

It’s WAY past time that I did some catch up blogging. I’ve been very careful to take a picture every single day this year. I think I only forgot one day and, thankfully, Rachel had taken a picture, so I’m counting hers. Whew. Of course, not all of those pictures were meaningful or even very good, ha, but they’re ours!

Now, that doesn’t mean to say I’ve had the energy or time or care to blog daily (obviously). I can see we’re missing all sorts of days from August on. Whoops. Sometimes you just run out of things to say. Or you worry that your audience (such as it is) will care if you aren’t brilliant or witty.

Well, forget that. Who has time to be brilliant or witty right now? We’ve got a wedding in a few weeks. Holiday craziness all around, and lots of life to live.

But, I do like to blog so my sweet family (far and wide) can keep up with our silly daily/weekly goings-on.

All of which is to say that I think I will start writing out a collection of blogs, so I can post the Project 365 pictures and finish the year strong!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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2 thoughts on “Warning – Catch Up Blogs A’Coming”

  1. Real life isn’t usually witty or brilliant. Some gifted people are able to take real life and turn it into something amazing, but then the rest of us feel dull by comparison. So as fun as wit and brilliance are, they aren’t ultimately the point, right? (Right?!)

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