Slug’s prank

Dear readers –

What my dad doesn’t know is, when I first saw him drink “tar” I thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if he was allergic to that ground hay, also!” So one day when my friend F.D. (Fiendish Dog) came over he, my brother Slug, and I went out and collected pollen. When we had collected about two ounces of it we substituted it for his barley grass. I borowed his camera and took a picture of him while he drank it.

March 2004 230.jpg

Apparently my dad can put two and two together; after he saw me with the camera, and Fiendish Dog’s green-stained hands, he pretty much figured out what happened. This is what he looks like right now … AAAAHHHH! HELLLLLPPPPP!!!

March 2004 266.jpg

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