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This is a momentous occasion (for some definitions of ‘momentous,’ or, for that matter, of ‘occasion’). The Duckabush Edgren Blog has been up and running since February 2004. This week Tim wrote the 99th blog entry. As we were approaching this lofty number, Tim asked me if I would be willing to write the celebratory blog. I agreed readily but have been struggling to figure out what to write. Tim’s blogs are so insightful and encouraging and often spiritually challenging, I am intimidated to write along side him.

I asked the kids for help on ideas and Joshua suggested I write about centipedes or centimeters or maybe even centuries. He’s a big help. I considered listing 100 things I was thankful for but thought that might result in a bit of an odd, unwieldy blog.

Finally I came up with something that sounded fun and interesting (always a good place to start writing) although still long. Our 100th Duckabush Blog will be full of 100 things about our family, our busy lives, our interests and loves, and so on. The children will each help me with a section. I hope you enjoy getting another peek into our lives.

1) First born, tall, smart, thoughtful, helpful
2) Interested in drama (starred in Sir Nose the Burger Rat as Sir Nose)
JoshuaMay 2005 186.jpg
Joshua starring in the lead role

3) Favorite thing to bake: waffles (makes breakfast in bed for the birthday family member on their special day)
4) Favorite card game: Authors
5) Favorite Book: Iron Scepter
6) Best Loved School Subject: History (we’re finishing up with the second part of American History this year)
7) Worked with Grandpa this year to build a loft for his room
8) Best thing about living in Lakewood: Homeschool co-op and Lake City Church
9) Looking forward to our trip to Michigan, Wilderness NW Day Camp in mid-July, and Miracle Camp in August
10) Best thing about the month of June, 2005: the cousins moved to Washington

JoshuaJune 2005 208.jpg
Joshua enjoying some homemade ice cream

11) Fun Friday Tradition: sleepovers in Daniel’s room with the rest of the kids
12) New Friends in the ‘city’: Stuart, Timothy, Philip, Logan, and Nigel
13) Hardest Thing from the Year: Presidential Fitness Testing at the Y
14) Special Mondays with Daddy: Train Day to Seattle topped the list as best so far
15) Yummiest Meal: fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, and ice cream pie
16) Big Brother Role: wrestling with David

17) Second born, beautiful, petite, honest, animal lover
18) Hardest part of gymnastics: bar (pull-overs with back hip circle)
19) Best part of gymnastics: being with friends and learning new moves
20) New Friends this year: Emily, Abigail, and Kayla

RachelApril 2005 076.jpg
Rachel sitting in a future window at the Refuge

21) Latest book read: Goose’s Gold, A to Z Mysteries
22) Favorite computer game: Petz 3
23) Hardest school subject—tie between Math and Phonics
24) Longest Bible verse memorized this year: I Corinthians 10:6
25) Best of the Special Mondays with Daddy: Big Day in Seattle

AllfiveMay 2005 087.jpg
One of the big trips with Tim on a Special Monday

26) Most unusual visitor this year: Myrtle the Turtle
27) Old friends who are missed: Leanne, Alivia, Leah, and Ema
28) Color she wants to paint her room this summer: aqua blue and purple
29) Exciting Event of the Spring—trip to Wild Waves Water Park (first time on a roller coaster)
30) Reward for saying the Books of the Bible: lunch out at KFC with Sunday School class
31) Favorite evening treat—shopping with Mommy
32) Practices the piano over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house

33) Third born, fast, handsome, fun
34) Good friends in Lakewood: Jesse, Adam, and JJ
35) Most recent movie seen: an episode of Blondie (black and white)
36) Currently reading: The Boxcar Children
DanielApril 2005 213.jpg
One of Daniel’s birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa

37) Special Treat of the Week: Rainbow Sherbet at Baskin Robbins
38) Favorite breakfast cereal: Fruity Pebbles
39) Likes to do Explode the Code (phonics) in school
40) Did gymnastics and swimming this year at the Y
41) Very excited about going to Michigan
42) Favorite computer game: Age of Empires (likes to play with Daddy or Zachary B. as often as possible)
DanZachJune 2005 209.jpg
Daniel and Zachary eating ice cream on the jungle climber

43) Didn’t drown at Wild Waves but had a scare
44) Liked the Timber Hawk ride best at Wild Waves (roller coaster)
45) So glad to have a cousin move to town
46) Very cheerful and willing to play outside with David and Sarah
47) Asked for a short hair cut like Zachary B.
48) Good at fixing things, very helpful around the house

49) Fourth Born, blond, talkative, sensitive, special
50) Favorite things in gymnastics at the Y—jumping on the trampoline and playing in the “pit”
51) Talks often about his good friend, Gus, from the Duckabush
52) Big transitions this year: Cubbies in Awana and Sunday School Class (not the nursery) in church
53) Likes to do school for a little bit then is ready to play
54) Wants Daddy to “walk him on the ceiling” as soon as Tim walks in the door from work
55) Swings every day on the swing set outside

DavidSarahJune 2005 026.jpg
These two are ready to throw some water balloons!

56) Loves to watch movies and play Playmobil with Sarah upstairs
57) Went to BSF this year with Mommy and Sarah
58) Begs to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house
59) Has three bathing suits and thinks we should buy Sarah some more as well

DavidJune 2005 148.jpg
Hot day in Washington

60) Loves presents from small treats to clothes, likes to be remembered
61) Has been to Texas to visit his great grandmother: likes to swim there and ride the golf cart with Grandad
62) Is very particular about his clothes: likes to pick out his own things and cares about colors and styles
63) Must put on his socks every morning before getting dressed for the day
64) Wants to please God


65) Fifth and last born, adorable, long wavy hair, definitely the little princess of the family
66) Adores her brother David, looks out for him and wants to be with him most of the day

May 2005 100.jpg
Swinging out at the Duckabush

67) Recently potty trained: Yay!
68) Wants to play with anything that belongs to Rachel (the more beloved by Rachel, the better)
69) Moved out of the crib and into the bottom bunk this year
70) Likes to read books, especially The Apple Tree Farm series
71) Already knows how to pose for pictures

SarahJune 2005 038.jpg
This girl looks very ready to sleep!

72) Favorite game with Daddy: Zoo Keeper
73) Loves dresses and the colors pink and purple
74) Likes to talk on the phone but mostly just smiles into the receiver
75) Is always ready to go to Grandma’s house to play
76) Went to BSF this year with Mommy and David
77) Scared of big dogs but loves to give treats to Martin the guinea pig
78) Calls Avery (from the Duckabush) her “best friend”
79) Thrilled to have a new back pack for the trip to Michigan
80) Sometimes falls asleep on the couch watching movies


81) Working 4 long days with Mondays off
82) Mondays are Special Kid days full of adventures and field trips and books
83) Continues to enjoy the train part of his job commute—good chance to read, write, study the Bible, work and even watch movies
84) Currently hooked on www.popcap.com games
85) Always looking for a new, great computer game

June 2005 235.jpg
These are the new backpacks for our trip to Michigan–yay!

86) Very glad to have his brother (and family) living here in Washington … if only for all the books he can scam (I mean borrow) off him
87) Misses the Duckabush but enjoying life in the “city”
88) Stays up too late—never quite gets rested during the work week
89) Loves a gorgeous sunny day with a bright blue sky and a view of The Mountain somewhere nearby
90) Is the best father and husband ever!!


91) Jumped right into all the “city” activities this year with BSF, a homeschooling co-op, Awana for the kids, a membership to the YMCA with special homeschooling PE classes twice a week
92) Loves the Mondays when Tim takes all the children off for a LONG adventure and gives her the day to herself
93) Likes living back in the suburbs—has made some great new friends and found a wonderful church
94) Currently off sugar, wheat, and flour as well as caffeine and NutraSweet (ie no diet Coke!!)
95) Favorite popcap game—Bejeweled
96) Wishes friends lived closer to play Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne more often

June 2005 213.jpg
Kathy and Tina as the royalty in the game of Scum

97) Watches movie trailers online whenever there’s a good new one available
98) Occasionally will have a clean house, be caught up on laundry and have dinner made all on the same day but counters it with overdue library books
99) Lost her beloved Nana this Spring
100) Is the most blessed mother and wife ever!

There you have it—100 odd and trivial things about our family. If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed the patch work glimpse.

Kathy—Until next time

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