Family Visit Coming to a Close

We’ve had such a lovely visit with my parents. They arrived last week and are going home tomorrow. The weather has just now turned sunny and beautiful (typical). I am afraid they might be returning to some Michigan rain storms (also typical). Ahh, thankfully they came to see the grandchildren and not blue skies.

I have some fun pictures (mostly stolen off of Grandad’s camera) of our visit. I will have to post them later. We never seem to remember to take enough pictures or video. After the occasion (or visit) has passed, I am always sad that we didn’t capture more of the time on film. Even when I have taken more pictures than seems necessary, I am always glad for each one and hunger for rmore. I guess much of the time we are so busy living in the moment there isn’t time or thought to stop and take pictures. During those times I try to use “Fresh Film,” a concept a dear friend shared, and hold the memories vividly close in my heart and mind.

Tomorrow morning I will drive Mom and Dad to the airport. The children (those that were awake enough to respond) said they wanted to get up and go swimming in the morning. Hmmm. I’m not sure we have enough time for that but it does sound fun. It’s quite amazing how much pool time the kids manage to cram into a short visit. Their favorite thing to do is sleep over at the hotel with Mamie and Grandad, eat a sugar cereal/donut breakfast, and then spend a good hour or two in the pool. If they had their druthers they would also return in the afternoon or evening to swim again. What a blessing that the children all enjoy the water so much. I grew up with swimming lessons, pools, beach and lake trips. Both sets of grandparents had pools for our summer swimming pleasure. My maternal grandparents had a pool IN their house so we could swim whatever the season of our visit. Very fun!

It’s a delight to see the children enjoy the water as well. With a July birthday, most of my parties were situated at a pool or lake. David has made the most notable progress in his swimming. He has been in swim lessons at the Y during the homeschool PE. He had such confidence in the hotel pool this time. I was very proud of his abilities. One precious moment was when Rachel asked if he wanted to “race.” They both had on goggles and swam across the shallow end of the pool (almost literally on top of the stairs). Rachel paced herself and swam along side David for some exhilarating “races.” I loved watching their joy–David’s in swimming with the big kids and Rachel in being kind to her brother.

More later with pictures.

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