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The pool has been closed since Sunday. Argh! We were all set to swim–the sun was shining and the kids were restless–but when we got there we found out the pool filter had exploded/broken/caught fire. Whatever happened, it wasn’t good and the lifeguard told us it would be until at least Wednesday before the pool was up and running.

Pool boys
This picture is from last week–squirt guns definitely add to the pool fun!

It’s been cool and cloudy most of this week so no one has minded the pool being off limits. Today we were definitely ready for the pool to be re-opened. Of course, what does it do but RAIN! Harrumph. Joshua had a lake party in the evening with the church middle school group but they persevered and carried on despite the weather. The sun actually came out in the middle of the party, isn’t that lovely. Joshua (remember he’s a twisted soul) said the water was perfect–not too cold that you couldn’t get in but not so warm that it’s “boring.” Sigh. Not sure where he gets his Otter Boy swimming preferences. He really dislikes the club pool because they heat it. Gasp! It’s a wonderful, 84 degrees on most days. I must say I heartily approve!

David and Sarah at the pool
Doesn’t that water look inviting!

Of course, Joshua will get his fill of cold water when we go to Fort Clark, TX in August. The pool is fed by a natural spring and is CHILLY!!! You really need the temperature to be over 100 degrees outside in order to stand getting in to such cold water. Ha!

Needless to say we haven’t gotten much exercise this week. My favorite walking partner is out of town. The pool has been closed. It’s been grey and cloudy–perfect weather for getting in a little bit of extra school. The kids and I did go to the park yesterday with some friends. The other mom and I tried to walk around the school track while the children played but we weren’t very successful. We did make it around several times but there were a lot of summer school kids on recess break and we had to watch our little ones.

After dinner this evening, we all went for a walk. Sarah (who has recently acquired a great deal of summer dresses) delayed us for a bit as she ran to put on yellow socks to match her ‘pretty yellow dress.’

Sarah's yellow dress
Since we found this outfit, Sarah wears this hat almost every day.

We walked up and down the cul-de-sac. It was nice. The sun came out and it felt good to be out in the fresh air. After we came home, Rachel and I did some weight lifting. I had an article in a magazine for a 20 minute workout that I wanted us to try out. Rachel was less than thrilled but we managed to give it a good try. Sarah came down and counted for us. She has this strange habit of skipping fifteen and going straight to sixteen. Not sure why but it was cute (and consistent). Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer and had to get on the floor and work out with us. Tim came by and took some pictures of us.

Pink exercising girls
Working out in pink.

Rachel’s not sure she wants to do this work out every day as she might become a “muscle man.” Ha! I doubt we could get there with this gentle routine but, you never know. The pediatrician said the older children could all do a little bit of weight training. I thought it was fun and it only took us around 20 or 25 minutes. Sarah did add some levity to the push ups with her bottom sticking straight up in the air (no pictures of that one).


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